Camille Styles

You’ll Never Believe this Floral Designer’s Flower Farm

November 16th, 2017

We’re big fans of the visionary floral designer, Ariella Chezar. She was among the first to abandon the uber modern, tightly-bunched floral style ubiquitous in the 90s for a looser, more natural approach to arrangements. Some might even say that her 2002 book, Flowers for the Table, single handedly changed the entire industry. In any case, her signature look has now been admired (and often imitated) for well over a decade. Ariella took her process to the next level a few years ago when she and her husband Christopher Gregory purchased 90 acres in upstate New York to start their own sustainable flower farm. Now the property is covered in blooms that supply Ariella’s design work and workshops. We spent an afternoon driving around Zonneveld Farm in a sprinter van with Ariella and talking about what it really takes to maintain a farm. This is one property you’ve got to see to believe!

ariella’s hat provided by the collection of patricia fox
photographed by belathée

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  1. Karin says:

    Very enjoyable read. Loved it so much, I ordered the book.

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