The New Rules of Registering for Your Wedding

By Chanel Dror
the must-have items that should be on every wedding registry

Speaking from the perspective of a semi-newlywed woman, I can guarantee that just about every bride you know has registry regrets. Whether it’s due to pressure from others, lack of understanding all the options, or the fact that you have so much other stuff swirling around in your head, the truth is that it’s impossible to know at the time of your wedding what you’re going to want in your home forever. That’s why I’m a huge advocate of registering for things you’ll actually use and enjoy now.

Zola is a wedding company truly reinventing the wedding planning and registry experience. I wish I’d known about them when I was getting married, because they would have probably saved me a lot of stress and grief. But with my 20/20 hindsight, I might as well pass along some wisdom to those of you with a wedding in your future. Behold, the new rules of registering, according to us.

photography by ashleigh amoroso

1. You don’t have to register for china.

The thought of it might make your mother shudder, but now more than ever before, brides are saying “No thanks” to fine china, crystal, and silver. No doubt that the classics will always have a place in our hearts, but for the modern bride, more natural tabletop essentials in ceramic, wood and recycled glass are feeling a little more current. Zola carries over 500 brands and 50,000 gifts, which means that whether you  want to go trendy or traditional, the world is your oyster.

pictured: Paris U’Select Pepper Mill; Bia Cordon Bleu 3-Piece Serving Set

2. You can ask for experiences.

Could you have imagined asking wedding guests to sponsor your blowout 20 years ago? They would have thought you were crazy. But let’s be honest: these days, when given the choice of a blowout or another picture frame, you’d go with the former 10 out of 10 times. Zola let’s you register for practical experiences like coffee subscriptions, and also not-so-practical ones like helicopter rides. So no matter what the first year of marriage has in store, it’s sure to be exactly what you want.

pictured: Petra Home Antiqued Enamelware Vase

3. You can create funds for what you really want.

Want to buy your dream home together? Or just get serious about saving? Create a cash fund on Zola so that your guests can easily help you on your journey towards your future. Friends and family will feel good about helping make your dreams a reality, and let’s be honest, punching in your credit card information online is just second nature now.

pictured: Noritake Colorwave Round Large Vegetable Bowl; Dansk Kallan Vegetable Bowl; Kinto Bottlit Dressing Bottle

4. You can register for wedding day must-haves.

Show me a bride who didn’t go over budget on her wedding and I’ll eat my hat. There’s no avoiding the day-of expenses that never fail to creep up, so we love the idea of offsetting them by asking for guests’ help. Need a cake stand for your tiered masterpiece? Some specialty glasses for a champagne toast? Add them to your registry to enjoy on the big night, then treasure them forever.

pictured: Creative Co-Op Recycled Bubble Glass VaseDesign Ideas Column Vase

Want to see some of the tabletop items we’re loving right now? Check them out by hopping on over to our collection of favorites on Zola, and for Camille Styles reader only, get a $50 credit when you receive $500 in gifts on Zola.* Cha-ching!

*Terms and conditions: You will receive $50 to spend on Zola.com when you set up your wedding registry on Zola.com, and receive $500 in Zola gifts. Zola gifts will be defined as any physical products purchased on Zola.com. Cash funds or third party gifts from other websites are not considered Zola gifts. The $50 Zola credit can only be redeemed for Zola gifts and cannot be redeemed for cash, cash funds, or third party gifts. Credits will be placed into the couple’s Zola account 4 weeks after a couple receives $500 in Zola gifts. Valid 6 months.

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