Weekend Notes

By Chanel Dror
Nothin cuter than a girl and her bicycle

Nothin cuter than a girl and her bicycle

Hey y’all! Camille’s on a family beach vacation in Florida this weekend, so I’ll be stepping in today with our weekly update. What’s new with me? Well, at the risk of sounding cliché, I’m spending most of my time these days in the throes of wedding planning. The date is coming up fast (next month!), but I can truly say I’ve enjoyed every step of the process… plus, it helps that I’ve been able to put all the Camille Styles girls to work. Jenn Rose is on paper duty, Camille is my catering guru, and though she might not know it yet, Carmen may or may not be calligraphing a few dozen place cards in the next couple weeks (surprise!). There’s no question this is the biggest project I’ve ever taken on, but the butterflies in my stomach tell me it’s all going to be worth it! Stay tuned for more updates on the wedding front, and without further ado, a few stories that we loved this week:

Time to put on our big girl pants: the five steps you need to take before buying your first home.

After a full reno, we’re adding this hotel to the top of our list of dream getaways.

Some awe inspiring aerial photography.

I’ve never thought of myself as a “Tiny House” kind of gal… until I came across this beauty.

More Zinc! Less Potassium! How to know which supplements your body is really craving (and which it has too much of).

The definitive guide to Parisian dining… drool.

*and a few fun things you may have missed!

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Get wild with our favorite animal print accessories of the moment.

I taught Camille how to make shakshuka!

What to read, watch and listen to this month.

The cutest DIY you ever did see!

*image from The Chronicles of Her