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Dream Job

Wes Anderson’s Graphic Designer

March 30th, 2015

Undeniably, no filmmaker has been more influential over an entire generation of bloggers, ad geeks, and instagrammers than Wes Anderson. From our overhead shots of supplies to our love of Futura, his influence runs deep. And just when we think we’ve got him pegged for tracked out sans serif, he’ll drop a caution yellow script on us (à la Moonrise Kingdom). We can never wait to see what he’ll do next visually, and what magic he’ll create with his hand-picked team of talented production designers. Graphic designer Annie Atkins is one such artist — she worked alongside Wes to create all of the graphic elements for his most visually stunning movie to date, The Grand Budapest Hotel. The Dublin-based designer worked in advertising and film for years before she got the call from Wes. And it’s a gig that’s undeniably changed her life. (Since we interviewed her, the film was nominated for nine Academy Awards and took home four wins including Best Production Design!) Annie’s already busy wrapping up her next big project, Stephen Spielberg’s upcoming Cold War spy thriller due to release later this year. Join us as we spend an afternoon with this incredibly talented designer to talk about her creative process, how she got her big break, and what it was really like to work for Wes.


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What's your favorite Wes Anderson film?

  1. I die! I want to be her when I grow up.

  2. I absolutely noticed this stuff in the movie and I loved it. It was my surprise favorite film of the year party due to her hard work!

  3. Olivia Turgeon says:

    This looks amazing!!

  4. Chanel Dror says:

    Fascinating! And truly a dream job!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Oh this was interesting to read, only yesterday I started learning Adobe Illustrator… the teacher uses a Wacom tablet and I don’t have one so I had to trace a flower with my mouse, for a beginner it can be a little frustrating, I wanted to throw myself off a bridge. But just before jumping I discovered I could use my iPad, all was well in the world again. Thank you for this post, its good to learn how graphic design works in different industries, helps me with my future plans!

  6. Milli says:

    So interesting. Thank you for such an inspiring post!

  7. Aleksandra says:

    That’s so amazing, great post 🙂

  8. Julie says:

    Budapest Hotel 🙂

  9. Amy says:

    Oh – thank you for sharing such great work and inspiring interview. What a treat to get to see close ups of the elements she designed.

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