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10 Best Guest of the Wedding Dresses

May 16th, 2014

It’s Friday again, and I’ve found myself in an all-too-familiar spring routine — packing my bags for an out-of-town wedding! Between our friends (and our boyfriends’ friends), Chanel and I have joked that we should start a kickstarter campaign simply to fund our wedding-going activities. But as much as we like to complain, we still love it when an invitation arrives in the mail. We love reconnecting with old friends, being included in such a happy and personal event, and (of course) any excuse to get dressed up! For many of us, weddings are one of the best opportunities we have to indulge in wearing something formal or splurging on that extra special outfit. Whether you’re headed to a black tie reception or a barefoot ceremony on the beach, we’ve got you covered with the ten best guest-of-the-wedding dresses for 2014:

featured image via bhldn

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  1. I like the dress…it’s so friday casual…
    Love, Gap.

  2. DMD says:

    What about the three in the lead-in picture? I want those!

  3. Lily says:

    These are all awesome! you’d be showing up the bride in some of them I’m sure!

    x Lily

  4. diane smith says:

    Adore the Smitten Organza dress. All are pretty. My favorite is still the one
    in MATCHBOOK featuring Jennifer Rose Smith, the designer Katie Ermilio, I

  5. Liz says:

    Love the long black one, so sophisticated!

  6. Wow, the red one in the second photo is stunning!

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