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4 Killer Hat and Sunglass Combos

June 1st, 2017

If anyone knows how to rock an amazing hat and sunny combo, it’s lifestyle blogger Sakeenah Aleem. On her blog MyBrownSparklez, Sakeenah is all about sustainable fashion and beauty — and that means investing in smart pieces that can be transformed and worn year after year. “I love that I’m able to create creative content that speaks to me,” says Sakeenah. “My blog is place where I write about topics that I’d like to read and see in magazines. And of course, I am able to champion brands that do well in the community.” We invited Sakeenah over for an afternoon by the pool so she could show us a few of her favorite hat and sunglass combinations for summer. Vacation, here we come!

photographed by jessica attie


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  1. Harshi says:

    I loved seeing a post about sustainable practices — particularly for fashion since it’s the #2 most polluting industry. There are so many great ways to love and exude style without compromising ethics or the environment. Thanks for sharing Sakeenah’s blog, I’m looking forward to checking it out!

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