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Cassandra and Erin

February 24th, 2015

photographed by belathée

Remember that pair back in high school who were somehow on the yearbook staff, honor roll, and varsity team all at once? Well, they’re probably rocking pretty great jobs by now. They might be human rights lawyers, magazine editors, or high powered attorneys. Or maybe they even grew up to become big-time bloggers with massive followings. That’s certainly the case for Cassandra LaValle of coco+kelley and Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34, whose friendship dates back to seventh grade. “We’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since,” gushes Erin about her bestie and fellow blogger Cassandra. Who knew that a friendship that started in a junior high clique could last through the competitive days of high school, the soul-searching college years, and beyond into their very successful careers as bloggers and creatives. We met up with Erin and Cassandra on a cold day in Seattle to learn more about a lifelong friendship that’s built on hard work and big ambitions.

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Are you still friends with your 7th grade clique?

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  1. nuriel says:

    some of them
    but actually it have been just 3 years sience then
    and i love this picture !

  2. Molly McConn says:

    This is so wonderful! Relate to them on so many levels. My friends are very much my “sounding boards” — both the ones from growing up and the ones I’ve made more recently in college. I shamefully admit that, like Cassandra, Taylor Swift is about as country as I get–somewhat surprising given my Texas roots! Also am a firm believe that your biggest strength is your weakness too — balance is the key to everything!

    Can only hope my life shapes up somewhat like theirs!

  3. Great spotlight. Love these 2 bloggers. I’ve even participated in Cassandra’s March Madness pool in the past. I’m sure she’ll be very excited about the likely 1st place seed for the Zags this year.

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