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Duffy & Christy

May 14th, 2015

If it’s true that you are the company you keep, I want an invitation to join this friend group stat. Duffy Stone and Christy Curcuru are creative girls about town here in Austin, and since meeting just three years ago, the two have been practically inseparable. What keeps them close? A shared love for design, their mutually impressive personal styles, and an unwavering I-got-your-back sensibility. We caught up with the pair at East Austin Succulents on a sunny morning to talk about friendship through fashion, business, and what happens when your bestie has a baby…

*photography by Nicole Mlakar

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  1. Mª Jesús says:

    What an amazing blog you have. Great design. Quality posts and nice pictures. Loving it all!! New follower 🙂

  2. Karin says:

    Amazing place, East Austin Succulents, love all the succulents, cacti and rusty old stuff, but the attitude of people there working, is something else. Pretty sure you had the red carpet rolled out for the segment, but I felt totally ignored, my daughter as well….not sure I want to ‘travel’ back there from North Austin any time soon….seems to me the personnel has been a bit too long keeping company with the cacti!

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