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Alex Van Der Sluys of Kip&Co

September 1st, 2017

We launched this series because we believe that the morning can be the most intimate time of day, and because we appreciate that everyone’s routine is uniquely theirs. Whether you’re up at 6am or 10am, and whether you’re first move is to tend to pets or children or your own spiritual self, it can be a magical time that directly influences the rest of your day. Combine that with great style, and you’ve got just the kind of inspiration and eye candy that we love here at Camille Styles.

Melbourne-based Alex Van Der Sluys reminded us of all that. As one of the three creative geniuses behind Kip&Co (which just launched in the US!), we knew Alex would bring it when it came to interiors and wardrobe. But the cherry-on-top that made us want to be her best friends IRL? Her down-to-earth personality and undeniably lovable pack of pups. Start your weekend on the right food by getting inspired by Alex’s personal style below, and be sure to follow @kipandcousa for all the latest in her colorful adventures.

photography by Nicole Ramsay

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  1. Natasha Lawler says:

    Love her style and her robes!!! PLEASE tell us about that marble backsplash in the kitchen!

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