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The Surprising New Ways to Wear Denim This Fall

August 30th, 2017

If you knew how much we talk about jeans in this office, you’d think we were nuts. But between the skinny leg, the boyfriend jean, the bootcut and the “wedgie”, there are a lot of important decisions to make these days. Gone are the days when only one jean silhouette was considered current and acceptable — it seems we’ve finally reached denim utopia, where every person is free to wear whatever cut and wash suits her best. We’re always on the hunt for the best new denim, so our team was super stoked when we were invited to the opening of the new PAIGE store in Austin. Even better, we got to meet founder Paige Adams-Geller herself and pick her brain about the freshest new ways to wear denim this fall:

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  1. Erika says:

    These days I’m all about embroidery so a new pair of embroidered jeans is actually on my list of things to buy for Fall!

  2. Kelly says:

    I love the corset idea! Great tips! Denim rules!

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