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McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped

March 1st, 2017

When we announced our wellness-focused blog makeover last year, we knew it would bring with it all sorts of wonderful surprises. Since then, we’ve all become a bit more mindful, experimented in the kitchen more, and have been exercising more regularly (give yourselves a pat on the back, ladies). But perhaps the best change of all that’s come from our rebranding has been the amazing like-minded women we’ve connected with over the last 14 months. McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped is one of those people — a total kindred spirit whose commitment to wellness keeps us motivated on our own journeys, and whose great style makes it look fun too. The blogger and nutrition coach is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist, which means that by attending a dinner party at McKel’s, you’re actually doing something good for you. We’re thrilled to join her virtually today to get a taste of her vibrant, wholesome entertaining style.

photos by Cassidy Carson Photography

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  1. Love Mckel & love the fresh look of this dinner party!

  2. LKay says:

    The link for e book was ‘not found’ 🙁

  3. says:

    I’m pretty classic with my outfit 100% of the time so it’d be something like a black or white monochrome outfit

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