Our Wellness Makeover

By Camille Styles

farmers market veggies

Aside from being the first day back in the office in 2016, it’s an especially exciting day around here: our team has been working on a few big updates, and we’re pretty thrilled to finally share what’s new. But first, some background. For the past year or so, I’ve been pushing myself to step back and take a wider look at what we’re doing at Camille Styles, asking myself and my team questions like: What makes this website different than the other lifestyle sites out there? What do we want our readers to take away from here? Are we using our platform to impact others for good? I’ve always known that I wanted to inspire our community, but lately I’ve been challenging myself to dig deeper and think about how we want to inspire.

Nourishing Carrot Ginger Soup

Which leads me to today’s announcement. Like many of you, I’ve become increasingly passionate about wellness — trying to make healthy decisions every day and choosing the food, fashion, products, home decor, and relationships that make me feel my best. You may have noticed that passion making its way into the content we’ve already been sharing, from fitness tutorials to healthy recipes to inspiring stories about people making a difference. But today we’re making it official with a complete Wellness makeover. So what does that mean? Before panic ensues, you’ll still find all the same categories that you love on the site, and it’ll still be glamorous and chic — because you know what? Clean-living can be chic! We’re not going granola on you; we want to be the place that you can always rely on to find ideas for living a beautiful life that’s also clean and healthy. It can all be pretty much summed up in our new mantra: A Healthy Life, Well Styled.

love this gift idea for wrapping a bouquet of flowers in kraft paper

It’s such a privilege to know that many of you visit Camille Styles every single day — nothing brings me more joy than when one of you tells me that your perfect morning starts with a cup of coffee and a browse through our site. And with that knowledge comes the desire to impact your day in a positive way. Our team has frequent conversations about the pervasiveness of negativity (and FOMO, judgmentalism, and unhealthy comparisons) in the blogosphere and on social media, and we want to be the antidote to all that: the place where you go for a major dose of happy and walk away better than you were before. We want you to learn something that will help you live a more inspired and healthy life and be motivated to get out there and show that beautiful self to the world.

Winter Power Bowl with Grains & Veggies

To launch our makeover, we created a new “about” page where you can read more, and I also wanted to share our new vision statement here:

Every moment is an opportunity to inspire, create, and explore. Here at Camille Styles, we focus on the daily decisions that allow us to embrace those opportunities. Discover a fresh approach to style through fun ideas for the wardrobe and home. Try delicious market-fresh recipes that are perfect for dinner tonight. Take advice from inspiring influencers on health, fitness, fashion, beauty, and professional goals at a site that views every aspect of clean living through a glamorous lens. We hope to inspire healthy choices and happy, beautiful lives.

I’m personally so pumped about this new chapter, and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think! I’d love to get your feedback: what are you excited about? (or not so excited about?) What topics would you specifically love to see us explore? Please leave a comment and let me know. And thanks as always for your endless support and community. My hope is that we can keep challenging each other as we continue on our paths to becoming our best selves — and have a whole lot of fun together along the way.

*image sources: karen wise, dishing up the dirt, ruby & the wolf, the awesome green