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A Family Friendly Spooktacular

October 11th, 2017

I’ve thrown my fair share of Halloween parties through the years, and there’s no question that coming up with the perfect theme is half the fun. And while my mantra has often been, “The spookier the better,” now that I’ve got two little ones that get spooked really easily, this year’s bash that I threw with Target is brimming with innocent fun that’s perfect for all ages. Think pumpkins and black cats, a starry night sky, and creepy crawly surprises. And with a slightly spooky menu full of candy corn sandwiches and Halloween s’mores, there’s no doubt this party will be a monster smash hit.

*photos by kristen kilpatrick

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  1. sara says:

    I LOVE this! I for one have always erred on the side of fun and innocent Halloween decor! Love all of this….especially the “monster repellent”…..would be a fun idea for trick or treaters too!

  2. Sue Reed says:

    So cute!! Where can I get the recipe for the very scary punch?? Thanks!

  3. Hi! Where did you get this black and white gingham dress? I love it!

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