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A Spicy Cinco de Mayo Potluck with Cholula

April 22nd, 2016

Y’all are going to get a major dose of Cinco de Mayo inspiration from us this week, and it kicks off today with this colorful fiesta potluck that I hosted for a few friends last week. The vibrant tabletop and festive vibe were inspired by the array of Cholula bottles on the table — we incorporated my favorite hot sauce into the decor, the food (of course), and even sent home guests with their flavor of choice. Everyone brought their favorite Mexican-inspired dish to contribute to the meal and we had a blast sampling each other’s creations. Click through the slides for my elevated take on shrimp tacos, the recipe for a Mexican Street Corn salad that’s destined to be a new favorite, and a whole lot more inspiration for throwing the spiciest Cinco de Mayo bash ever.

*photos: Buff Strickland

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3 Comments under :: A Spicy Cinco de Mayo Potluck with Cholula
  1. Libbynan says:

    Cinco de Mayo is a bittersweet holiday for my family. It was my late father’s birthday. When we were stationed in Abilene when I was a preteen, we first found out about the Mexican holiday and he decided they were a wonderful people who had the intelligence to make a nationwide party out of his birthday. From then on, wherever we were, we had a fiesta for Cinco de Mayo….otherwise known as Daddy’s birthday. These days most of the family lives in an area with a large Hispanic population and we get such a giggle every year over all these people celebrating “Daddy’s birthday.” So we drink margaritas and tell stories about my dad and shed a tear or two and toast Cinco de Mayo.

  2. Marina says:

    Austin entertaining at its finest! Those pineapple shrimp tacos look so fresh and tasty.

  3. Milly says:

    This looks like so much fun and yummy all at the same time! I would love to see this meal in your next gorgeous book (hint hint;))Great way to kick off the weekend…thanks!

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