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The 8 Fonts Graphic Designers Can’t Live Without

February 23rd, 2017

There are a few things you need to know before talking with a graphic designer. Number one: it’s a typeface, not a font. (Or if you really want to be cool, just “face” for short). Number two: while graphic designers are often introverted people who prefer to work behind-the-scenes, get them talking about type and you’ll find that they open up with a passion. It’s a bit like hearing a chef talk about food. There’s nothing like hearing a real expert┬átalk about their medium, and it’s particularly interesting when that medium is something we subconsciously interact with all day every day (like typography). We tracked down eight incredible designers to find out which typefaces they’re loving right now. So scroll on down and get ready to meet your 8 new fave ‘faces.

featured image via artists atelier

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5 Comments under :: The 8 Fonts Graphic Designers Can’t Live Without
  1. npharney says:

    Gotham is one of my absolute favourites! This has really reminded me that I should use Marian more, I’d forgotten how lovely it is!

    – Natalie

  2. Erin says:

    My job recently required me to oversee a logo re-design, which included selecting a new typeface. A whole new world of typeface was opened up to me and now I notice it everywhere along with the subtle messages it communicate about a brand. BTW, is your headline a joke? Headline says “font,” yet second sentence of story says don’t call it “font” call it “typeface”?

    • Jennifer Rose Smith says:

      Hi Erin. I wouldn’t say the headline is a joke per se… but the second sentence of the intro is a bit tongue in cheek. We name our stories in whatever way is most relatable to our readers.

  3. Julie Lauren says:

    Yes to this post!! I loooove fonts. Sometimes I’ll just browse font websites for fun – yikes did I just admit that? ­čśë Anyway, fun read – thanks! xo Julie

  4. I also love classic typefaces like Caslon, Hoefler and Baskerville. I got the Baskerville ampersand tattooed on my wrist

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