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7 Group Halloween Costumes for Your Squad

October 4th, 2016

It’s not a joke when I say Chanel and I think about Halloween all year long. Our annual costume shoot is probably the most fun day of the year here at Camille Styles (and absolutely the only time we get to make Camille dress up like a baseball player). Last year’s roundup of couples costume ideas was such a hit that we decided there was only one way to take it to the next level this year — group costumes. We spent the last 12 months collecting cute (and funny) ideas for entourage outfits and we have to admit, we’re pretty darn proud of what we came up with. We invited some of our best gal pals to model with us for a crazy fun day of shooting at SHDW Studios in East Austin, and have been counting down the days to share these costume ideas with you on the blog ever since. So whether you and your crew want to throw some easy costumes together this year or try your hand at something more complex, we’re sure you’ll find inspiration with these seven fun group costume ideas. Just remember: whether you want to be sexy, funny, controversial, or silly… there’s strength in numbers this Halloween.

Scroll through the gallery, and be sure to click on the link below each costume for the full DIY details.

photographed by kate lesueur at shdw studios
wardrobe and prop styling by jennifer rose smith and dagny piasecki


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6 Comments under :: 7 Group Halloween Costumes for Your Squad
  1. Marina says:

    Loved (and smiled at) every one of these ideas, but my favorite is the bachelorette! You girls nailed those facial expressions :)) It would be fun to find a willing bachelor to accompany you….bet it wouldn’t be hard to find an enthusiastic volunteer. Great job on each group. Thanks for brightening my morning!

  2. I love all of these unique ideas! The Beatlemania costume is definitely my fave. Ringo!

  3. these ideas are so good! congrats ladies on such a great feature.

  4. Leonard says:

    Love these, especially the ladies of literature one! Congrats on your new job, don’t freeze to death in Massachusetts and get some fleece-lined leggings and maybe a giant snood.

  5. francetaste says:

    I’m partial to rock, scissors, paper for a trio. Thing One and Thing Two is good for two BFFs. And for a big group, characters from The Wizard of Oz. I want to be the tornado.

  6. Wow! Such dedication. I can tell you guys put in so much thought and time into each of these costumes! These are really great (and cute!) ideas! Thanks!

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