7 Group Halloween Costumes for Your Squad

By Jenn Rose Smith

It’s not a joke when I say Chanel and I think about Halloween all year long. Our annual costume shoot is probably the most fun day of the year here at Camille Styles (and absolutely the only time we get to make Camille dress up like a baseball player). Last year’s roundup of couples costume ideas was such a hit that we decided there was only one way to take it to the next level this year — group costumes. We spent the last 12 months collecting cute (and funny) ideas for entourage outfits and we have to admit, we’re pretty darn proud of what we came up with. We invited some of our best gal pals to model with us for a crazy fun day of shooting at SHDW Studios in East Austin, and have been counting down the days to share these costume ideas with you on the blog ever since. So whether you and your crew want to throw some easy costumes together this year or try your hand at something more complex, we’re sure you’ll find inspiration with these seven fun group costume ideas. Just remember: whether you want to be sexy, funny, controversial, or silly… there’s strength in numbers this Halloween.

Scroll through the gallery, and be sure to click on the link below each costume for the full DIY details.

photographed by kate lesueur at shdw studios
wardrobe and prop styling by jennifer rose smith and dagny piasecki

A couple of bright sarongs, swimsuit tops, some faux fruit and a glue gun are just about all you need for our first group costume idea…

Tropicana Girls

This look is so much fun to wear that you won’t want to take it off. Production assistant Carmen Collins and our rock star intern Laura Dominguez came up a great idea for how to make the hats and are sharing the full DIY here!

For our second costume, we wanted to put an even more specific spin on a swinging sixties fashion look. This is an idea that really works well with a group (and the bigger, the better):


We made our own vintage Beatle buttons, signs, and more to create this fun group look. Check out the full DIY for crazy Beatles fans here.

Lazy girls, rejoice. This might just be the easiest (and funniest) group costume idea we’ve ever had…

The Bachelor Contestants

All your crew needs to pull this one off is a dozen roses, cheesy cocktail wear, and some non-waterproof mascara. Check out the full DIY on The Bachelor Contestants here.

Our fourth idea is an oldie but a goodie (and extra fun if you’re planning on hitting a karaoke bar…)

Pink Ladies

After all these years, it’s still the ultimate “girl gang” get up. Even if you don’t want to sing “Summer Nights” on karaoke, this costume is the perfect excuse to chew gum in public, drink beer from the bottle, and fully get away with any other rebel behavior you might have in mind.

See the full Pink Ladies Costume idea here.

Our fifth costume idea definitely requires the most preparation in terms of working out, which is exactly why we had Marni Duncan from MOD Fitness lead up the team…

Synchronized Swimmers

For the squad who isn’t afraid to show a little skin this Halloween, it doesn’t get much cuter than our retro synchronized swimmers DIY costume. (Bikinis optional, choreography required.)

This one is a really fun movie reference and your gang will look amazing rocking it, too…


We had our friend and stylist Dagny Piasecki of SHDW Studios deck us out in some amazing vintage to help make this costume totally killer (pun intended). Plaid schoolgirl skirts, ruffled shirts and oversized blazers… SO 1988! See the full costume story here.

Our last group costume idea came to us over (what else?) a glass of rosé…

Whispering Angels

The jury is still out on whether or not the general public is going to “get it” when it comes to this costume. But if you’re a blogger, a restaurant lover, a wine snob, or just a wine lover, we bet that you’ll get this cheeky reference to our favorite pink wine.

See the full costume post here!