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When the World’s Best Restaurant Opens a Pop-Up in Tulum

June 2nd, 2017

ed note: When we heard that our friend, Tara Miko, was headed to Tulum to dine at the once-in-a-lifetime Noma pop-up, we begged her to capture it all and report back. Here she shares the highlights, the food porn, and everything you need to know about traveling Tulum, even if a table at Noma’s not on your agenda. Take it away, Tara! 

Some people love to travel, I on the other hand, live to travel. I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t on-the-go, exploring new places. Sometimes that meant far-off, exotic destinations in Asia, and other times it was right in my own backyard. My mantra was simple: find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Chef Rene Redzepi is a perfect example of taking ordinary ingredients and making them dance together in extraordinary expressions of flavor. Last year, when he announced he was taking his culinary skills to Tulum, Mexico, for a 6-week Noma pop-up, I jumped at the chance to experience his genius first hand. For nearly a year, I watched the Noma team travel to remote jungles of Chiapas, forage plates from clay in Oaxaca, and resurrect an entire restaurant from the ground in the middle of the Mayan jungle. Their Instagram allowed the world a front-row seat as they inched closer to opening day, unveiling what is now being called the “meal of the decade.” To say I was excited is an understatement.

photos by tara miko

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