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July 9th, 2015

Confession: We’re a bit dog-crazy around the office. Even though I’m the only dog owner among us, that doesn’t keep everyone from spending half the work day talking about breeds we love, sharing must-follow dog Instagram accounts (have you met Piggy & Polly?), and googling puppy photos. So in an effort to open up the conversation to you guys, we’ve been brainstorming ways to spotlight man’s best friend here on, and finally landed on this fun new series: aptly titled, each installment of Fox & Hound will tell the story of a stylish girl and her equally lovable pooch. And who better to kick things off than the blogosphere’s queen of cool, Kate Arends? Keep reading for the scoop on her and sweet Winnie…

Kate Arends and her puppy

Your name: Kate Arends Peters, Owner of Wit & Delight

Your dog’s name, breed and age: Winnie Bear Peters, English Labrador, 11 months (she’s 3 months pictured above)

  1. How did Winnie come into your life? We weren’t ready for a kid so…
  2. Your favorite thing about Winnie: Her personality! She thinks she’s a human. In the morning she crawls into bed and lays on her back in between me & Joe. She just waits for one of us to get up and feed her.
  3. Your favorite thing to do together: We love to take her out to the soccer field and to let her chase birds! The sparrows love to taunt her.
  4. The weirdest thing Winnie does: She likes to eat bugs. She’s always stalking some kind of fly or moth.
  5. The naughtiest thing Winnie has ever done: She ate a windowsill at my in-laws. She also got into some Midol at 3 months, which resulted in an interesting vet visit.
  6. If Winnie was a person, living or dead, who would she be? Julia Childs. She’s serious and silly and wonderful.

*photo by 2nd Truth Photography

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9 Comments under :: Kate & Winnie
  1. Awww, Winnie is adorable! Looking forward to reading more in this new series.

  2. Michaele says:

    LOVE this. Just might be my favorite new series to follow!! What a cute pup…

  3. Diana says:

    Love this new feature with Dogs!!!!

  4. Jessica says:

    I LOVE THIS! Winnie is adorable! We have an English Lab who’s a year and a half. She is extremely goofy and super lovable so I can totally relate!

  5. Love this series! So cute!

  6. Merritt W. says:

    Best series ever – witty title & endearing questions. If you run out of stylish babes to feature, I know an ordinary girl and her ordinary dog (spoiler alert: it’s me and my dog, Moose) who are both obsessed with all things puppy/dog.

  7. Kate says:

    As I attempt to read this, my own six month old puppy is pawing at my iPad (her way of saying its time to play again). Love this series!

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