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It Couple

Valerie and Taylor

July 19th, 2016

We’re pretty sure there’s not a more enviable combination than that of chef and florist when it comes to couples with cool jobs. (Just think about what their date nights at home must look like!) So when we found out that florist Valerie Wolf of Davy Gray Floral is married to non-other than the executive chef at Justine’s Brasserie, Taylor Chambers, we pretty much had to meet these two in person. Lucky for us, this chill couple was totally down for us dropping in on their backyard date in East Austin. These two down-to-earth souls shared the sweet story of how they met, fell in love, and ultimately learned to help each other do what they do best: food and flowers. #swoon

photographed by kate zimmerman

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  1. karin says:

    I love those stories and the questions and answers, but could please avoid having the text in the pictures? Its very hard to read the descriptions and the pictures are also distorted.

  2. Oh this is one of the sweetest, realest love stories I’ve come across. I love that their professional lives involve creativity and bringing people together, kind of reminiscent of the way they met. Also, travelling with the one you love is definitely the way to know if they are ‘the one’. Barbecues, beers and true love…

  3. Naomi says:

    Beautiful story, inspiring couple and stunning photography, can’t help but feel total serenity from viewing and reading.

  4. Mauricio says:

    i’ve never met logan, but i met colt a few years ago while he was playing with thrift store cowboys and he is the nicest guy! such a cute, talented couple!

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