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Monochromatic Monday :: Coast to Coast

It’s that time of year again…when temperatures start to climb just enough to spur dreams of summer sunshine, and a little sand in between your toes while cradling a piña colada (or two). So, as I ditch my winter coats and recover my favorite pair of flip-flops from the (very) bottom of my closet, I can’t… read more

My Life, Styled :: Summer in the City

Greetings from Shanghai! I’ve spent the last 8 days exploring China in a very mad-dash fashion. I’ve been up at dawn (okay, maybe not that early — the sun rises here at 4:45am!) and jetting from site to landmark to foodie recommendation until my legs can barely stand up any longer.  It has been amazing! When reading… read more

Snapshots from :: Aspen Food & Wine Classic

It’s taken me a full week to put together my recap from Aspen Food & Wine Classic, mainly because I came back with so many amazing memories, photos and notes, I needed that much time to sort through them and narrow it all down to one post! Many thanks to Cracker Barrel Cheese for sponsoring… read more

My Life, Styled :: Traveling Abroad

So far, I’d have to say this summer has been pretty dreamy. I hired Blair, the first member to join our editorial team at The Effortless Chic, back in April and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done! Meanwhile, my husband Aaron has been enjoying a much-needed hiatus from his crazy production… read more

Packing our bags…

It’s so much more fun to shop at a marketplace that’s carefully curated and super well-designed, isn’t it? It’s like they’ve done half the work for you! Fab is one of the few brands whose updates I welcome into my inbox each morning, thanks to their modern designer products at great prices…and there’s always something for everyone on my… read more

Baggage Check :: Santorini

When I (Kelly) saw Giselle sizzling across the pages of Vogue in this Versace number, I knew had to check out the whole line straight away… and oh am I glad I did!  The SS12 collection is truly breathtaking, and since we’re feeling so blue these days (in a good way, don’t worry) we’re all… read more

Baggage Check :: St. Petersburg

  Kelly here, with a dose of inspiration from the halls of one of the world’s grandest museums: the stunning Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Have any of you been? I can only imagine what it must be like to stand in one of its larger-than-life galleries; the photos alone transport me to regal, otherworldly places. At first glance… read more

Baggage Check :: Positano

Now that it’s March, I’m pronouncing it officially time to start obsessing over spring fashion! I (Kelly) swear I can almost taste the warm temps just within our reach. Leave it to a stunning photo of the city of Positano, perched just atop the Amalfi Coast, to launch me into a pastel frenzy… have you… read more

Baggage Check :: Alcazar of Seville

Ever since seeing off one of my dear friends to her six-month stay in Seville, I (Kelly) have been infatuated with the stunning city. With flowering orange trees and pristine gardens at every turn, I’m yearning to see the beauty of Seville first-hand… specifically, the Alcazar Royal Palace. Disregarding the that fact that it would be… read more

Giveaway :: Lo & Sons

Am I the only one who’s over compromising functionality for style? I don’t even want to think about how many hours of my life I’ve wasted, digging through purses and totes for a ringing cell phone. That said, today’s giveaway couldn’t have come at better time – Lo & Sons offers some incredibly sleek styles… read more