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Field Trip :: Floral Class With The Nouveau Romantics

A bouquet of flowers invariably manages to make my heart skip a beat, no matter the occasion; and the affectionate feeling certainly continued when Elizabeth Lewis of The Nouveau Romantics invited us to play florist for a day and get a taste of their daily design routine. We were led into a whimsical floral fantasy of… read more

Puppy Love

Over a recent lunch at the Josephine House, my dear friend Jackie Rangel, the content manager for C3 Presents’ multiple festival brands, was lamenting the fact she never got around to sending a glammed up New Years card featuring festive Polaroid photos of she and her beloved dog Franklin together. As she described the concept, I knew… read more

DIY :: Woody Valentines

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without printed, cut, folded and glued paper Valentines passed out to friends and family (like the lovely floral printables Jenn created this year), but I’m always intrigued by V-Day crafts that are made with less predictable materials. This DIY was inspired by… well, a tree branch. And while it boasts… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: From Paris, With Love

Can you think of anything more romantic than spending February 14th in Paris? As a city that oozes amour 365 days a year, just being in the City of Light on Valentine’s Day has got to be pure magic. Admittedly, I don’t have much planned for this coming Friday, but I figured I’d sneak some Parisian… read more

Weekend Notes

I’m spending this Saturday at one of the best gigs ever as one of this year’s judges of Citywide 86′d, a heated cooking competition between Austin’s best restaurants. I’m so excited to taste exciting new flavor creations from some of the city’s most talented culinary pros. After channeling my inner Padma, I’ll head over to… read more

DIY :: Tin Can Valentine’s Votive

If you caught yesterday’s 10 Best DIY Valentines, you may already have your February 14th crafting game plan all mapped out… but Valentine’s Day DIYs don’t have to be limited to small tokens of affection for your loved ones. For this project, I used a small, tarnished paint can to make a votive that’s perfect for adorning the… read more

10 Best :: DIY Valentines

Valentine’s Day never fails to make me think of my Uncle Tommy. As an always smiling fourth grader, he marched in to his classroom on February 14 and boldly handed my now Aunt Rose his entire box of cards…the ones that were meant for the whole class. Theirs is a story with a sweet beginning and… read more

Young Love

Before you all head out to your dinner dates and singles parties, we thought we’d share one last snippet of Valentine’s inspiration — and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s quite possibly the best one yet. Since everything is infinitely more entertaining when spoken by a child, who better than a group of adorable… read more

The Perfect Bite :: Linzer Cookies

Jess here, and suffice it to say, I do not take Valentine’s Day lightly. Today I’m dressed head-to-toe in red and pink and more than ready to get my sugar high on. No matter where you stand on this heart-filled holiday, Valentine’s Day is here and we might as well embrace it… and if you’re like me,… read more

Valentine’s Crafting at Anthropologie

Remember when we announced the Valentine’s crafting event that we hosted with Anthropologie? Well, creative ladies from near and far joined us last weekend for one of the most festive and fun Sunday mornings I’ve had in a while. If you had to miss it, we shared the tutorial for our DIY Pom Bouquets earlier this week, but… read more