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An End-of-Summer Family Feast

There’s an unexpected calmness that creeps in this time of year, don’t you think? With the novelty of summer worn off and most of our travels a thing of the past, we’re now channeling our focus back to routine and ritual, and those big summer blowouts are being swapped out for intimate dinners that allow us to catch up with… read more

A Pinot Gris-Inspired Summer Soirée

Have you been on a tropical vacation this year… maybe somewhere in the Caribbean, Mexico, or even as far as Costa Rica? If you have, it goes without saying: I’m jealous. But, that’s not to say that those of us at home need to be deprived of summer celebrations. Between the al fresco dinners and… read more

Weekend Notes

Happy weekend m’dears! I’m feeling happy and thankful on this sunny Saturday morning, thinking about a low-key couple of days hanging out with Adam and celebrating one of my bestie’s 30th birthdays. It was so much fun to finally be able to spill the beans earlier this week, and on Monday I’m looking forward to a… read more

New Year’s Eve :: Wine & Cheese Party

Just when you thought the holiday festivities were winding down…it all starts ramping up again for the revelry of New Year’s Eve. Thought I’d share some inspiration from a holiday dinner party I hosted a couple weeks ago that embraces a slightly more rustic feel – I think it would be absolutely perfect for December… read more

DIY :: Poppin’ Bottles

The holidays just scream overindulgence, don’t they? It sounds crazy, but I’m almost at the breaking point where I’d be happy to not see another hors d’oeuvre or glass of wine for a very long time. As I attempt to turn the celebrating down just a few notches over the next couple of days, I figured I’d need… read more

Transformed :: Wood Plank Wine Rack

Happy Thursday, everyone! Claire here, and you might recall two weeks ago when I asked for your opinions on which wine rack design I should create. Well it certainly wasn’t an easy decision, but after much deliberation I set out to replicate wine rack #3 (and used a patterned, natural piece of wood for added interest).… read more

Transformed :: A Wine Rack DIY

Happy November! Since we’re all still dealing with costume and candy withdrawals, I (Claire) am dreaming up concepts for my next DIY to remind us that seasonal festivities are really just beginning. Since the upcoming holiday entertaining always calls for an abundance of wine, I thought… what better way to display a collection than with a… read more

Made for Each Other

Did you happen to catch us on Style Me Pretty earlier this week? Because we are still abuzz over it! With the help of flower extraordinaire, Kristen Caissie, we styled a wine tasting bachelorette party… with rosé, floral arrangements, and cheese plates all overflowing in girly abundance. Combined with dear friends, it all made for the… read more

Camille on Rue!

Yesterday I stopped by the Rue blog with inspiration for a breezy, outdoor dinner party…of which I plan to have as many as possible between now and October. Let the al fresco season begin!… read more

Love is in the Pair

When you think of wine pairings, what comes to mind? Cheeses, proteins, & seasons are the usual suspects, but flowers are typically left out of the equation. Recently a talented group of florists teamed up with Food and Wine magazine to challenge that, and their results provide us with unique examples of how flowers can… read more