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4 Moves to Tone Your Obliques

June 28th, 2016

Editor’s note: With chunky sweaters packed away in storage, summer weather means that even when we’re not in swimsuits, our waistlines are exposed for the world to see. Here to help us get this problem area in tip-top shape is our friend Marnie, of MOD Fitness. Take it away, Marn!

Today we’re demonstrating a few of our favorite side body exercises to trim and tone your waistline, and target the notorious “saddle bag” area that we all know and hate. We use these exercises at MOD in preparation for summer and bikini season (which happens to be almost year round in Austin), but at home or on vacation, you can incorporate these four moves into just about any daily workout.

*photography by Molly Winters; tutorial and location MOD Fitness; featured image from Urban Outfitters

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