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6 Ways To Push Yourself During a Workout

June 15th, 2016

Ever reach that point mid-workout where you truly feel like you’re hitting a wall and cannot go on? It happens to me all the time – mostly on my road bike. I’ll wake up, get dressed, have my coffee, grab a bite to eat, and walk out the door with confidence and excitement to crush the workout. I’m usually off to a pretty good start warming up and can keep a decent pace. Then, like clockwork, during any effort that feels uncomfortable, my legs feel like they’re going to fall off, my breathing takes over, and I go straight into mind vs. body competition.

Because I’m a firm believer that the biggest changes occur when we go outside of our comfort zones, I wanted to share a few mental tricks, mantras, and funny things that help me during those times when I’m positive I don’t have it in me – but inevitably always do.


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How do you push yourself in a workout when you feel like you've hit a wall?

2 Comments under :: 6 Ways To Push Yourself During a Workout
  1. Laura Mareno says:

    Love these tips so much!! I need them especially in arm workouts!! They kill me! but totally worth it!! kisses:D

  2. Anne Elliott says:

    I love this post! Lately, I’ve been really into barre classes and when i feel i can’t possibly stay in a pose or move another inch, i often stare straight into my reflection in the mirror i’m working in front of. By focusing my gaze into my eyes, i’m distracted from the pain and instead become focused on the thought that i’m beautifully and wonderfully made. This almost always helps me get through!

    How lucky are we to be in good health and able to work out!

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