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Passport To

Goldeneye, Jamaica

May 17th, 2016

From the moment I discovered the Goldeneye Resort online I wanted to go there: a private estate-turned hotel on a pristine stretch of beach in northern Jamaica. Once the home of James Bond author Ian Fleming, the property offers the rare treat of experiencing Jamaica how it might have been in the ’50s: quiet, secluded, and exclusive. So when Michael and I packed our bags for a long weekend in February, our sights were set on Goldeneye. A relatively easy day of flying landed us in Montego Bay, and we glanced anxiously out of our taxi window towards the beach. We didn’t know that we would find so much more than white sand and teal waters in Jamaica. Looking back, I can’t think of a place more colored by its people — their beautiful round vowels and genuine friendliness. How can a culture be this chill? Well, start by living in paradise…

photographed by jennifer rose smith and michael spruiell

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  1. Kelly says:

    That is the Paradise! Did you notice the simplicity of foods, life. I will love to retire there.

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