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The App That Saved Our Trip to Italy

August 1st, 2017

in partnership with Rosetta Stone // photos by kristen kilpatrick and jenn rose smith

We stood staring at the upstairs toilet in our villa near Florence. The lid, which was thankfully closed, had one yellow post-it note stuck to it. The word “FAILURE” was scrawled in all caps on the note. Carmen immediately burst into her signature laugh, and none of us could contain ourselves when the housekeeper (bless her heart) showed us her phone, where she was using a free translation app that had come up with the word. With a little guesswork, we were able to decode the real meaning of her post-it (and avoid that bathroom for the rest of the trip). “La toilette non funziona?” asked Chanel. The housekeeper, excited to make contact in her native language, confirmed the question.

We’ve all experimented with free language apps in the past, and (just like our housekeeper) been frustrated with the results. So Team CS started using Rosetta Stone in preparation for our Italy trip back in May, and it’s safe to say now that our entire team is hooked on the program. We’ve each continued to use it after the trip was over, and it enhanced our time in Italy in so many ways. Rosetta Stone has been the gold standard in language learning for decades, and a lot of that has to do with the way the program is designed.

Something I never liked about learning a different language in the past was that I always had to try to translate the words in my head before saying them out loud. Because there’s no actual English in any of the Rosetta Stone lessons, I found myself just knowing what to say. In fact, you won’t hear or speak English at all when you’re inside the program. It makes the process of learning Italian (or whatever language you choose) feel natural and painless, and with their new app, even fun! Rosetta Stone is now available via tiered subscription so you can get access to the full program for as long as you want, whether it’s three months or two years, making it much more affordable and accessible. In preparation for our trip to Tuscany, we used the three month subscription (which is on sale right now) and you can try a free demo here. Read on to see how Rosetta Stone made our trip to Italy so much richer.

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