Inspire Creativity, Imagination, and Play With These Easter Gift Ideas

Give with intention.

By Jen Pinkston

It’s impossible for me to think of spring and not immediately conjure up visions of brightly-dyed eggs. My mind drifts to images of our kids darting about my parents’ backyard in search of haphazardly hidden eggs or that early morning, dew-on-freshly-cut-grass feeling. And of course, there’s the first bite of perfectly made carrot cake, (always with cream cheese frosting!). I love having plans to look forward to, and as winter slowly begins to make way for spring, Easter is at the top of that list. So of course, I had to put together my guide to the best gifts for the holiday. The roundup below is filled with intentional gifts that’ll inspire your kids’ creativity, engage their imagination, and lead to plenty of play. Trust me: This Easter gift guide is the only one you’ll need in 2022.

Here’s a little peek into my mindset when it comes to giving my kids gifts around holidays. I try to adopt a ‘fewer, better’ mentality. This means I’m putting on blinders to the more kitschy things that I know will end up in a donation bin in a matter of months. For me, it’s not just about quality (although that’s a big part of my gift-giving process!), it’s about the intentionality behind the products I buy and recommend. In an effort to cultivate a thoughtful approach to the material goods I bring into my family’s life, I always do a little research into the brands behind my purchases.

Since adopting this way of gifting, I’ve found that my kids consistently come back to the toys I gifted even longer after the holiday. They become favorites fast, and they stay that way for years. So whether you’re shopping for your littles, for friends, or treating yourself to a small springtime gift, these picks are sure to surprise and delight.

Jen Pinkston

Jen Pinkston is the founder and CEO of La Paloma, a line of artful pieces for women and kids to sleep, lounge and play. Prior to starting La Paloma, Jen worked as a wardrobe stylist on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for four years before building her own styling business focused on commercial and advertising work. In 2010, she launched the blog TheEffortlessChic.com which continues to be a thriving content hub today.

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Olli Ella Piki Rattan Basket

First things first, I love the idea of using this rattan picnic-style basket in lieu of a traditional Easter basket. A quick glance and I have visions of future spring picnics dancing in my head! Plus, you’ll be able to use them throughout the year rather than having to return them to the attic until next spring.

Olli Ella Piki Rattan Basket, $69.90

Grabie 48 Watercolor Paint Set

Last year I finally started buying my 7-year-old real art supplies and quickly learned that they make all the difference! I love that she can explore a broader range of colors and textures through this watercolor set.

Grabie 48 Watercolor Paint Set, $29.99

Back to the Roots Organic Lavender Windowsill Planter

 I was first introduced to this brand through the How I Built This podcast and love all of their well-designed, user-friendly products that allow even city kids to get their hands dirty. This Lavender Windowsill Project is truly the gift that would keep on giving. I can almost smell it now…

Back to the Roots Organic Lavender Windowsill Planter, $24.99

La Paloma Girl’s Mae House Dress in Wild Berry

Soft, dreamy, and easy for your little one to slip into for all-day wear, no matter the occasion.

La Paloma Girl’s Mae House Dress in Wild Berry, $58

Sunny Life Travel Jumbling Tower

We went to Marfa the week after Christmas. It’s a sleepy, artful town and to keep our kids entertained while we waited on meals or just enjoyed the scenery, we packed plenty of small games like this travel block tower. It’s a more aesthetically pleasing version of Jenga. So you can still enjoy them even if they don’t get picked up after play.

Sunny Life Travel Jumbling Tower, $16

Bright Littles Let’s Get Started Convo Cards

If you’re wanting to join in on the fun with your kiddos, these conversation cards inspire thoughtful and deep discussions.

Bright Littles Let’s Get Started Convo Cards, $28

Pair Up The Session Hat

As winter gives way to spring, I always find myself looking for a child-sized hat at the intersection of chic and practical. Pair Up nailed it with their Session Hat in Sunshine! Just a reminder that bright days are ahead.

Pair Up The Session Hat, $65

Carson Mini Scout Binoculars

My youngest has an inexpensive magnifying glass that can entertain her outdoors for far longer than you might imagine. She would go nuts for these mini binoculars!

Carson Mini Scout Binoculars, $19.93 (reg. $30)

Cotton Twist Bracelet Making Kit

The Getalong is one of my favorite kid’s shops in Nashville! They have such a great selection of gifts and toys for kids, like this clever bracelet making kit.

Cotton Twist Bracelet Making Kit, $26

Silicone Bento Box Camper Sage Green

If your kids don’t already have an Austin Baby Collection silicone bento, now’s the time to get it. Your kids will love the colors and prints just as much as you love how easy it makes packing their lunches. Major selling point: This bento box allows you to offer a variety of foods without feeling like they’ll go hungry if you experiment with something new.

Silicone Bento Box Camper Sage Green, $24.99

42 + RO It’s A Colorful Life Necklace

This necklace is a bit of a splurge for a child, but I really like the idea of instilling a sense of fewer well-made things that you take very good care of from a young age. (I’d also totally borrow it!).

42 + RO It’s A Colorful Life Necklace, $95

Young + Wild & Friedman

 My neighbor recently turned me onto this playdough company started by a mom in Houston. I don’t know what magic she puts into it, but my kids love it! The Rainbow Unicorn Kit inspires endless fun.

Young + Wild & Friedman, Rainbow Unicorn Kit, $39

Poppy Store Draw 50 Animals

I find myself printing coloring pages for my kids like it’s my job, but I love the idea of encouraging them to freehand draw with a book like this. It comes in plenty of other themes, too. Dinosaurs, flowers and trees, oh my!

Poppy Store Draw 50 Animals, $9.99

What gifts are you excited to fill your kiddos baskets with this Easter?