Camille Styles


Tinsel & Twine

January 20th, 2015

photographed by priyanca rao

For these three best friends and business partners, the hardest thing about happy hour these days is keeping the conversation off work. But hey, when you’re busy running a buzzed-about event design shop in Brooklyn, it’s impossible not to be excited about concepting the next big thing for your clients. “It’s hard to turn off TINSEL,” explains Liz Castelli of TINSEL & TWINE, the company she founded with Adette Contreras and Erica Taylor in 2010. The three friends met while singing in an a cappella group at George Washington University back in 2003 (yes, we are obsessed with that and they were called “The Vibes”.) Since then, they’ve gone on to impressive individual careers in advertising and marketing, launched their own company together, and even seen their faces on bus stop ads in New York City. All while keeping their friendship in perfect three-part harmony.


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What song would you want to hear Tinsel & Twine perform?

  1. Chanel Dror says:

    I can totally vouch for the bonds formed in a cappella groups! There’s nothing more fun than when you and your besties can burst into song together, and it actually sounds good!

  2. I love that Lucky Cardigan! I almost bought it this fall. I love Erica’s coat and bag too!

  3. LOVE that AANDD bag Adette is carrying

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