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Maryam Naderi of Paloma Nail Salon

July 21st, 2017

Maryam Naderi is not one to sit back and accept things the way they are — especially when health and wellness standards are being compromised. Throughout her decade-long career as a management consultant, Maryam realized that the nail salon market was majorly lacking. She explained to us that a fresh manicure is the easiest and most cost efficient way for a woman to boost her confidence, and she would always head to the nail salon before a major presentation, often in front of a room of men in suits. On her business travels, she was unable to find salons that were clean, free of toxic fumes, and at an accessible price point. After reading the New York Times expose about the harmful effects of product toxins on nail techs, and salon customers, she decided to take action. In November 2016, Maryam opened Paloma, Houston’s first nontoxic nail salon. The zen space not only creates an “escape to beautiful” for their customers, but is also free of the toxic smells that are associated with getting a mani-pedi. We chatted with Maryam about her morning routine and how she takes on the day with two jobs; in addition to running Paloma, she is still a part-time management consultant. Keep reading to get a glimpse into her AM ritual, as well as the beauty products and wellness tips that keep her energized throughout the day.

photography by kathryn worsham

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  1. faye naderi says:

    Wow, loved this article, thank you for sharing!

  2. Michelle Lewis says:

    Can’t wait to try her smoothie! Love Kevin Aucoin and Jo Malone – good taste.

  3. Devin says:

    Love reading about women that are laid back yet total go-getters! Simplicity at its best 🙂 plus – gotta love green smoothies and Jo Malone.

  4. S O says:

    Ha! I love how coffee & a green smoothie are a MUST!

  5. Carolyn Humphries says:

    Gorgeous woman, great article and wonderful photos. A little treat to read.

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