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Getting Dressed With

Nitsa Citrine

September 12th, 2018

The dauntingly steep and winding road to Nitsa Citrine’s hillside home serves as a preface for entering her world: time to slow down. By the time you’re there, the manic energy of Los Angeles has left your body. Her living room opens to a terrace with a breathtaking view of hills and sky, and it’s there that the alchemist/artist/creative director of Sun Potion spends much of her time. (You’ve seen Sun Potion’s cult wellness products on GOOP, Reformation, and Free People — the company is devoted to health, happiness, and well-being through the use of medicinal plants, superfoods, and tonic herbs.) Nitsa herself is a testament to slow living — her natural beauty is truly radiant. We were so inspired by her effortless style and graceful energy. Scroll down to see Nitsa’s peaceful morning routine, and see how this stunning creative lives with her head in the clouds. 

photographed by claire huntsberger

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