2 Perfect Hairstyles for Showing Off Your Tassel Earrings

By Camille Styles

Summer is the season to shake things up and have some fun with our accessories. Think embellished sandals, beaded collar necklaces, embroidered woven bags, and my favorite accessory du jour: these oversized tassel earrings that are just begging to shimmy and shake and dance on beachside tables. Luckily, they’re the perfect way to dress up an aprés pool swimsuit and caftan look, and I’ve been showing them off with two breezy hairstyles that take less than 2 minutes to create. Keep scrolling for my step-by-step that’s so easy, it almost begs no instructions. 

photographed by jessica attie

Look #1: The Low Loose Pony

For this look, I like to start with dry hair that has a little movement — either I’ve slept in a single braid or added a few natural waves with a large-barreled curling iron. 

Create a center part that goes just to the crown of the head, then use a brush to loosely smooth hair at the top and on the sides, using other hand to gather hair into a low pony just a couple inches from the nape of the neck. I like to leave a little volume on the top and don’t worry about bumpiness.

This step is key: gather hair with a classic 3” – 4” wide barrette. I hadn’t worn one of these since middle school, but I ordered this tortoiseshell one and we’ve been inseparable for the last couple weeks. Yes you heard it here first, people: barrettes are making a comeback!

Final step: divide ponytail into two sections, grip one section in each hand, and pull firmly so that the barrette is very tight against the scalp, but the hair still has volume on top.

Just add tassels!


Look #2: Half Up Top Knot

I’ve been a regular top knot girl for a few years now, so I love how this version still pulls my hair up and away from my face, but leaving half down adds an extra dose of femininity. Again, I like to start with a little movement in the hair — either I’ve slept in a braid or bun, or just add a few loose waves with a large-barreled curling iron. 

Use a comb to pull up the top half of the hair, emphasis on UP, since you want to sweep it all up to the very top of your head. Secure your half pony with a small elastic.

Take the half pony and twist twist twist until the hair curls around itself into a little bun. Use just one or two bobby pins to secure. 

Don’t worry about bumps, flyaways or loose ends — this look is all about keeping things effortless and not overthinking it — a few “imperfections” add to the breezy summer look. Add your tassel earrings and be prepared to make a statement.

I loved these tassels from kate spade new york so much that I had to get them in two different colors. Which is your favorite?