3 Fresh Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair This Spring

By Jenn Rose Smith
Love this look!

When we asked stylist Erica Rae to dream up a few fresh ways to wear real flowers as hair accessories, we knew she would come up with something that wasn’t a floral crown, (even though let’s face it — we’ll never stop loving those.).  Food, fashion and lifestyle PR Gal Mandy Mayekawa was the perfect model for these three looks, and fortunately for us she was totally down to try something new. “For as often as I ‘like’ and ‘pin’ different hairstyles, you’d think I would try something new every day! But alas I don’t… I tend to stick to a freshly blow-dried look, a classic pony style or top knot,” she confessed. We couldn’t wait to see what Erica would create with Mandy’s thick black hair and a fresh bouquet from Austin Flower Company. The three different looks she created are each charming and unexpected for spring — which one is your favorite?

photographed by jessica attie

Model Mandy Mayekawa posed with a vase of fresh stems from Austin Flower Company.

Erica used:

baby’s breath

pom pom spray mums

and icelandic poppies

to create these looks.

Look One: Baby’s Breath

“Baby’s Breath has made a huge comeback in the wedding hair scene,” says Erica. “It’s such a delicate flower and to me it will always be a classic,”

All you need is a few baby breath stems and a few hair pins or bobby pins.

“For this particular look I used hairpins to pin the flowers in place,” says Erica. “I started by curling her hair and loosely pinning her hair half back. I then just randomly pinned the baby breath throughout her hair. The white color really popped against he gorgeous black hair and turned the simple style into a more interesting look that will definitely make a statement anywhere she goes!”

We love how unexpected this style is when worn with something super casual, like Mandy’s all denim look.

Look Two: Icelandic Poppy

“I absolutely love this look,” gushes Erica. “It’s a bit dramatic and so chic. You could totally rock this style while lounging at a pool at some five star resort or a fun backyard soirée in a long flowy dress.”

“Any large flower will do,” says Erica. “Just make sure it isn’t too heavy. Keep the stem long enough to drape behind the ear and use a bobby pin to keep it in place. You can pin your hair to the side like we did for this look or just wear your hair down with one side tucked behind your ear. Keep it simple and let the flower be the center of attention!”

Look Three: Pom Pom Spray Mums

We are obsessed with this Drew Barrymore inspired look Erica created for Mandy using purple pom pom spray mums. “Drew was such a trendsetter,” says Erica wistfully. “This was just one of her many looks. But it’s super sweet and fun and you really can wear it with just about anything clothing-wise. If you want to get really 90s, you could wear this with a choker or pair of doc martens.”

To create this look Erica styled Mandy’s hair into a messy updo, then trimmed the pom pom flowers leaving about 1-1.5 inch stems. She wove the stems into the hair, then pinned in place with a bobby pin.

This final look was Mandy’s favorite, too. “My fave is def this messy pigtail buns + flower crown. Super cute, keeps the hair out of my face, and adds a nice pop of color. Perf for festival season too!”