4 Killer Hat and Sunglass Combos

By Jenn Rose Smith
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If anyone knows how to rock an amazing hat and sunny combo, it’s lifestyle blogger Sakeenah Aleem. On her blog MyBrownSparklez, Sakeenah is all about sustainable fashion and beauty — and that means investing in smart pieces that can be transformed and worn year after year. “I love that I’m able to create creative content that speaks to me,” says Sakeenah. “My blog is place where I write about topics that I’d like to read and see in magazines. And of course, I am able to champion brands that do well in the community.” We invited Sakeenah over for an afternoon by the pool so she could show us a few of her favorite hat and sunglass combinations for summer. Vacation, here we come!

photographed by jessica attie


Inspired by her sustainable ethos, we didn’t purchase a single thing for this shoot. Instead, we pooled our favorite hats and sunglasses that we already owned for Sakeenah to create combinations from.

We’ve included links to similar products throughout the story, but always consider hitting up a thrift shop (or even your bf’s closet) for great hat and shade finds.

Look One: 

Black felt hat with round lensed cat eye frames.

To replicate this look you could pair the Eastwood hat from Lack of Color and Samantha Catmaster Sunglasses.

“This combo is so funky!” says Sakeenah. “It’s something I’d wear to a music festival or maybe even on a lazy day. I often wear hats and big accessories on days where I don’t like to dress up. It can instantly turn a jeans and a t-shirt into a stylish ensemble.”

Look Two: 

Turban with oversized frameless sunnies.

You could recreate this look with shades from Illestreva and a printed scarf like this one from Sole Society.

This look is so afro-chic and I was totally inspired by Alicia Keys,” admits Sakeenah. “The turban/headwrap is so easy to do. I often where this style on days when I don’t have time to style my hair. Bad hair day? Wear a turban!”

Look Three: 

Straw fedora and aviator shades.

You could invest in a classic panama hat and a pair of Ray Bans to recreate this timeless look.

“This combination transports me to Cuba,” says Sakeenah. “This look would be perfect for a stay in Havana. And since Americans can now travel there, I might have to book a flight a go… This combo also works well on a hot summer day relaxing on the patio of some swanky brunch spot. I like it paired with jeans and a loose fitting white t-shirt or military style pants and a button down.”

Look Four:

Sunhat and statement shades.

We’d pair peach Indio sunnies from Madewell with a classic sunhat from J.Crew to recreate this look.

I love this combo because it makes me think of vacation at a beach resort,” says Sakeenah. “I would wear this on the beach or lounging around the pool. This look works well with sundresses, maxi dresses, and even a old Hollywood style one-piece bathing suit. It’s totally versatile!”