4 Myths About Maternity Wear Exposed

By Jenn Rose Smith

Floor length is bad. 

Whatever you do, don’t do stripes.

You’ll never wear it again.

There’s never been a shortage of strong opinions when it comes to the sometimes scary world of maternity wear. Our favorite aunts, sisters, and friends certainly mean well (even Grandma has an opinion!) but more often than not their advice is skewed by their own experiences and the frustratingly limited options they had as consumers during the times of their pregnancies. Color us lucky — we’ve got access to much better options now with forward-thinking companies like Hatch. Everyone in our office is literally obsessed with Hatch’s chic clothing, and I should probably mention that none of us are currently pregnant.

Read on to see how Hatch is turning the maternity wear world on it’s head, and finally getting rid of these four myths that have been spread for years:

Yes, you CAN wear heels.

Late in pregnancy, most of my friends stick to flats or even prefer to stay barefoot as much as possible. But you can totally get away with shoes that add height up until the third trimester. Our friends at Hatch know that the secret is finding a great platform as opposed to a steep heel. Here they’ve paired a summery espadrille sandal with their sweet and simple Audrey Dress for a chic look.

Pattern is actually your friend.

For years we’ve heard that prints (and especially stripes) are cardinal sins for pregnant women. This flattering Riviera Dress proves that this is simply not true! If anything, a well placed pattern can go a long way towards making a simple outfit more sophisticated.

You actually WILL wear it again.

Once upon a time, maternity wear was a really scary section of the local department store. Our mothers couldn’t wait to get rid of the awful tent-like tops and dresses the had to buy for only a few months of wear. Lucky us, times have changed and Hatch has dresses that we want to wear whether we’re pregnant or not. We are obsessed with this flowy Bowie Dress in navy, and it even has ties that help it convert to the changes your body goes through before and after pregnancy.

You CAN look modern without wearing something skin tight.

Bodycon maternity wear was totally revolutionary when it hit 15 years ago. (Wait – I can actually show this off instead of hiding it? Awesome.) But the downside was that for a long time it felt like skin-tight maternity wear was the ONLY option on the market that felt chic or modern. The girls at Hatch totally get it — what we really want as women is options. Enter designs like this gorgeous Nelli Dress, which is undeniably stylish and modern without being skin-tight.

This week, we got a sneak peek of Hatch’s spring/summer 2017 collection with some of our favorite Austin moms through a shopping party at the home of Maya Nairn.

Camille hosted the party along with Maya Nairn, owner of de Buci Baby; Nadine Abramcyk, owner of tenoverten; and Ariane Goldman, owner of Hatch.

In addition to shopping, guests were able to get a fresh mani from tenoverten, enjoy complimentary embroidery on de Buci Baby products, and of course sip on rosé.

We’ve got our eyes on so many new pieces for spring. Shop the new Hatch collection here!