7 Luscious Body Oils We’re Totally Obsessed With

Glow girl.

By Hannah Zahner

The past few years have seen a trend towards ever more dewy skin. We’re all finally realizing that we don’t have to be scared of nourishing oils — from what we eat, to what we put on our skin.

If you think greasy or heavy when you hear the words “body oil,” think again.

The presence of oil on your skin is not only normal but necessary! Oils are actually better moisturizers than most lotions, because oil mimics the natural sebum found on our bodies. Not only that, but a cream just sits on the top of your skin, whereas oil penetrates multiple layers of the dermis, leaving skin glowy, firm and supple. Since water is the OG hydrator, try applying your body oil directly on damp skin for the most moisture-locking power.

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Just like most body lotions, many body oils can contain tons of yucky ingredients. From silicons to parabens to artificial fragrances, they’re not really the things you want to be slathering your body with.

We’ve done the label-checking work for you, and rounded up 7 tried and true non-toxic body oils, at varying price points, to help you achieve your glowiest skin yet.

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Everyday Oil

This oil is fast becoming a cult favorite. Using a signature blend of cold-pressed plant oils, this balancing body oil has a fresh and woodsy unisex natural fragrance.

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Esker Restorative Body Oil

Okay, one whiff of this stuff and I was in love. Bergamot, frankincense, ylang ylang and rosemary boast anti-aging benefits and create a delightful earthy blend. This elixir is packed full of plant-based oils, especially squalene, evening primrose, jojoba and it’s all-star ingredient – carrot seed – leaving skin feeling radiant and nurtured.

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Kjaer Weis’ Body Oil

If you wanna splurge, do it on this body oil. With a fresh citrus blossom scent, this oil boasts antioxidant-rich Ginkgo Biloba which defends against free radicals and promotes circulation and Moringa, Sesame and Sunflower Seed Oils which help prevent signs of aging, like fine lines

GroundControl, body oil

Plant Apothecary Ground Control Organic Body Oil

Scented with organic essential oils of invigorating rosemary and relaxing bergamot, this body oil helps sharpen and calm your mind at the same time, leaving you feeling ultra grounded. Great for sensitive skin!

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Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Lemongrass Body Oil

Scents of lavendar and lemongrass make for an ultra calming and soothing body oil. The price-point on this one is awesome and as a bonus, it can also be used as a gentle insect repellent thanks to the lavendar/lemongrass essential oil combo.

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True Botanicals Pure Radiance Body Oil 

This fast-absorbing oil sinks instantly into skin and is surprisingly light leaving you gleaming and hydrated. Sandalwood, cedarwood, and rosewood oils combine for a perfectly faint woodsy scent.

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KORA Organics Sun-Kissed Glow Body Oil

Best for faking a beach-worthy glow. Formulated with certified organic ingredients, this tinted oil provides your skin with essential fatty acids to boost your complexion and contains mineral pigments for a radiant shimmer.