7 Products to Steal from Your Boyfriend

By Tara Thompson Rasmus

I’ll be honest: while I like to believe that I’m not as high-maintenance as some ladies out there (like my always-immaculately-turned-out mother), the truth remains that I am not a tomboy. I like beauty products, and I like them a lot (hence the career choice!). However, while I’ve always been enamored by the search for the perfect pink lipstick and the most glow-ifying blush, over the course of my career in beauty I’ve been pleasantly surprised numerous times by how awesome certain men’s products are. Sometimes a girl needs a break from flowery-scented-everything, and a simple eucalyptus deodorant is just the ticket. Or, we find that we’re over paying premium prices for flimsy shaving supplies, and a no-frills men’s razor is a breath of fresh air. Read ahead for my favorite borrowed-from-the-boys products—and as a bonus, you can share with your husband/boyfriend/male roommate if you’re feeling generous! #minimalistbathroomgoals


Eucalyptus Deodorant by Malin+Goetz

I’ve been using natural deodorant for years, but it’s been even more important to me since I’m now six months pregnant. I’ll be completely honest: I have yet to find one natural deodorant that can compete with the odor protection you get from a conventional stick. That being said, I do love this simple, smooth stick from Malin + Goetz, which smells simply of fresh eucalyptus and nothing else, which my sensitive preggo nose loves.

Eye Alert by Kiehl’s

This eye gel is the bomb! Nothing de-puffs eyes better or faster than this cooling preparation.

Hurraw! Sun Protection Lip Balm 15

These all-natural balms are technically unisex, but they were designed to be appealing to men: a smooth texture, not too much shine, and even a compact, flat tube makes it easy for guys to stash these lip savers in their pockets. In addition to all of that, you’ll love how nourishing these meadowfoam seed oil-packed formulas are.

Epic Moisture MP10 Nourishing Oil by Jack Black

If you haven’t gotten on the face oil train yet, now is the time to start (winter is coming!). If your skeptical about putting anything heavy on your face, then this is your gateway drug: this blend of 10 oils is incredible lightweight, yet totally nourishing, and can be used on your face, body and hair. Or, try mixing a bit into your regular moisturizer to ease yourself in!

Gilette Mach 3

Is it me, or does anyone else find women’s shaving supplies… annoying? They cost an arm and a leg, and they always seem to break and/or go dull immediately. That’s why I think every woman should try a Mach 3 at some point in their lives… the razors are more sturdy, the blades are sharper, and you’ll end up with the silkiest legs ever. Seriously.

Semisumo by Bumble and Bumble

I know that pomade appears to be a very dude-centric product, but hear me out: this paste is designed to have a soft hold while it adds shine, so it won’t turn your hair sticky or matte. Have a little on hand to perfect your updo, smooth your ends after a blowout, pat all over to control flyaways… the possibilities are endless.

Sycomore by Chanel

Not all men’s fragrances work well on women, but this incredibly sexy scent is the exception. Whenever my husband wears Sycomore… let’s keep it PG and say that I like it a lot. This scent is definitely woodsy, but it’s more like the musky scent of a man’s skin after he’s been out chopping wood to make you a fire in October. In other words…totally irresistible, and it’ll make you feel totally irresistible, too.