Bardot Inspired Hair

By Jenn Rose Smith
Bardot Hair Tutorial

Bardot Hair Tutorial

Hair and concept by Maritza Buelvas | photography by Cassandra Eldridge | makeup by Brenda Arelano | modeling by Willow Star

When we think of the most iconic names in hair history (think “Farrah”, “Jen”, “Twiggy”) there’s one that we just keep coming back to again and again: Bardot. Parisian ingenue and darling of the French new wave cinema movement, Bridget Bardot is pretty much our all-time sexy hair icon. Her signature “bed head” bouffant was perfectly French — meaning that you can only imagine how much effort went into creating this completely “effortless” hairstyle. Fortunately for us, beauty expert Maritza Buelvas is here to reveal the secrets to recreating Bridget’s full look, and she’s got some great tips for faking “big” hair no matter what natural volume you’re working with:

Bardot Hair Tutorial


Bardot Hair Tutorial


  1. Spray your hair all over with volume enriching hair spray. This gives your hair a bit of “texture” and hold to begin the styling process.
  2. Wrap small sections of hair around a medium-sized barrel curling iron to create natural looking waves. Finger comb curls and waves if necessary—but stay away from a brush. Bridget’s trademark was look was a bit undone, so you’ll want to preserve that beautifully messy “bedhead” look to your hair.
  3. Lightly tease hair at the crown and on each side with a fine-tooth teasing comb. You’ll have three teased sections—your left, your right and your back.
    Gather a thin section from the right side, push upwards slightly to create volume, and secure in place with a few bobby pins.
  4. Note that you’ll want to secure the pins horizontally (not vertically) to really hold the style in place. The trick is to gather only and pin only thin layers of hair so you’re not losing volume on the sides of the face. This technique will create the illusion of Bridget’s incredibly full, thick hair.
  5. Repeat the same step in the back and on the left side of your head, and don’t worry about making it too nice and neat.
  6. Set the overall look with the same volume hair spray.

Bardot Hair TutorialBardot Hair Tutorial