Hair trends are forever changing. Today it’s curtain bangs and middle parts, tomorrow could see the resurgence of the crimp. But one hair quality that always stays en vogue: shiny hair. There’s a reason gorgeous, glossy locks cascading just so, remain the focal point of many shampoo commercials. But the gleaming mane seen on screen is allusive for many, so we polled three top stylists—Kathleen Riley, Sienree Du, and Ricky Mota—to discover the very best products for shiny hair. From mists and masks to pro-approved flat irons, they offered their favorites and expert tips for optimal sleekness.

But before we get to the products, we want to ensure we’re achieving health-looking locks from the inside out, so we tapped celebrity chef and certified nutritionist, Serena Poon. “The health of your hair is going to be an indication of what is happening inside of your body,” she says. On the food front, the entrepreneur recommends chia seeds (a great source of protein and fatty omega-3 acids), sunflower seeds (rich in biotin), sweet potatoes (packed with biotin), and mangos (high in vitamin C). Both mangos and sweet potatoes also feature beta-carotene, which our bodies transform into sebum-supporting vitamin A. And of course, hydration is also key for healthy strands.

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For an extra interior shine boost, seek out trusted supplements for vitamin C, DHA, biotin, and vitamin D (an important nutrient for hair health that actually cannot be consumed through food). “Hair loss can be a symptom of a vitamin deficiency or a nutrient surplus,” Poon adds. “So, if your hair is feeling dull, it could be possible that you have a deficiency or are overdoing one of your supplements. I like to recommend that people get their vitamin levels checked so that we can see exactly where the nutritional holes lie.”

Now for the topical tricks of the trade…

The Best Products for Shiny Hair

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The Best Shampoo and Conditioners

Ceremonia Champú de Yucca & Witch Hazel

We love every Ceremonia product for their nourishing, ultra-hydrating formulation. If frizz and weak strands are getting you down, this is the best solution.

Oribe Brilliance & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Combo

“Instead of adding ingredients for shine, this duo moisturizes and helps hair maintain its natural oils so it works without weighing the hair down.” — Sienree Du

Re-Fresh Scalpcare Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner

Scalp care is so important for your hair to be healthy and shiny.” — Kathleen Riley

Amika “The Kure” Bond Repair

“This product is made specifically for those looking to have healthy, shiny hair. It strengthens the hair and reduces breakage.” — Ricky Mota

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The Best Hair Serums

IGK Good Behavior Leave-In Conditioner

“This product detangles, has 24-hour frizz control, up to 450 heat protection, and adds lots of shine.” — Ricky Mota

Iles Formula Finishing Serum

“This product is amazing on all textures and doesn’t weigh the hair down. It controls frizz and seals ends for a soft shine effect.” — Sienree Du

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

“This serum is great to use pre-blow dry as a prep product. Use a little afterward for a healthy shine.” — Kathleen Riley

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The Best Hair Oils

UNITE U Argan Oil

“I love this oil as a prep product but also for achieving the ‘wet look.’” — Kathleen Riley

COLOR WOW Pop & Lock

“A little goes a long way, so mind your generosity. I love it for creating a high shine finish.” — Sienree Du

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The Best Spray/Mist Hair Products

Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray

“This product is an incredible finishing product. Spray it on after styling for a super glossy finish.” — Kathleen Riley

Unite’s 7 Seconds Glossing Spray

“This works great as a UV- and heat-protector. Spray it before using any iron to protect your strands or apply it afterward for a shine finish.” — Sienree Du

Color Wow Dream Coat

“This product is anti-humidity, which helps to lock in lots of shine and is best for frizzy, curly hair.” — Ricky Mota

Tigi Headrush Shine Spray

“This mist offers a very light-weight shine without making your hair greasy.” — Ricky Mota

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The Best Hair Masks and Treatments

K-18 Leave-In Mask Treatment

“This mask is great for dry or damaged hair. Use a clarifying shampoo beforehand and then apply the k-18 leave-in treatment. Brush through and let it air dry or style it how you like. Just make sure you don’t wash it out! It helps mend shattered cuticles so your hair can appear more healthy and lush. Shiny hair always starts from the health of the hair.” — Sienree Du

Amika Flash Instant Mask

“This at-home mask features almost exactly the same benefits of a professional gloss treatment in 15 minutes.” — Ricky Mota

Ouai Hair Mask

“This will transform your hair from dull and dry to shiny and glossy. I love doing a hair mask while working out. The heat from your workout will activate the hair mask even more for a better result.” — Kathleen Riley

Kevin Murphy’s Crystal Angel

“This clear gloss can be used on any hair color for a healthy shine. You can use it once a week or however much is needed as a treatment mask in the shower. I love it as a weekly toner boost for my bleached hair.” — Sienree Du

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The Best Hairbrushes

Denman Boar Bristle/Nylon Mix Brush

“I love using it to brush out curls and form them into waves. It smooths hair while leaving it super sleek and shiny.” — Kathleen Riley

Mason Pearson Popular Hair Brush

“You can never go wrong with this hair icon.” — Sienree Du

Sheila Stotts Brush

“This tool detangles and styles hair without pulling or breaking it.” — Ricky Mota

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The Best Flat Irons

GHD Platinum+ Straightener and Styler

“It heats to a perfect temperature that doesn’t damage hair and only takes one pass to straighten and reveal shiny hair.” — Kathleen Riley

Amika Moisture Maintenance Styler

“This tool has an infrared light which adds more hair protection and more shine.” — Ricky Mota

This post was originally published on September 23, 2021, and has since been updated.

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