Braid on the Run

By Jenn Rose Smith
This braid will stay put without a hair tie!

This braid will stay put without a hair tie -- pretty cool.

Summertime in Austin is no joke — we’re desperate for ways to keep cool, and all too often find ourselves trying (in vain) to put our hair up at a restaurant without a hair tie. Stylist Erica Rae taught us this nifty trick for making a braid stay put without a rubber band and we couldn’t wait to share it here on the blog. “This technique is really easy and perfect for times when you need a quick style solution during hot weather,” she says. The secret to Erica’s braid-on-the-run technique is teasing the end of the braid with either your hands or a fine comb to hold the braid in place. We had gorgeous blogger Michelle Zuzek of Style Beacon model the look for us and topped it off with a great tasseled hat from Stone Cold Fox. Erica also taught us how to rework the braid to give the illusion of thicker hair. Read on to discover her hot weather style solution you can do at a restaurant, in the car, and on the run:

This braid will stay put without a hair tie!


  1. First start with a tangle free mane.
  2. Decide where you’d like your part to be. I’m a fan of a deep messy side part myself.
  3. Start your three strand braid. Braid it a little bit tighter than you’ll want for the final look.
  4. Once you reach the bottom, you can then start to pull the braid apart. This works with fine or thick hair and it gives the hair the illusion of being thicker than it already is. 
  5. Instead of using a hair tie, simply use your fingers to backcomb the ends. The more you backcomb it the more secure the braid will be. You can then go and pull the braid apart some more if you desire a messier look. If you have a comb on hand to tease the end of the braid, even better. 
  6. Finish this look with a fun hat. It looks really cute with the side braid and will help hold the deep side part in place!

This braid will stay put without a hair tie!

Erica’s Pro Tip: If you find your braid starting to come undone, you can spray a bit of a texture spray on your braid. I love the beachy salt sprays, most product lines have a version of their own. You could also re-braid it a little tighter and then pull it apart again. Don’t try too hard as this is supposed to be effortless and fast. Happy braiding! 

photographed by jessica attie