Braided Plaits

By Jenn Rose Smith
So pretty. Would be a perfect bridal hairstyle!

We spotted this look on the red carpet during awards season and fell in love with the unexpected combination of delicate braids paired with sleek, blown-out hair. Stylist Erica Rae stopped by to demonstrate the look on the lovely Jenna Filardi, winner of our latest Camille Styles instagram model search. “Most people automatically think ‘bohemian’ when it comes to a half-up style with braids,” says Erica. “But this look proves that braids can work for a very polished look as well.” The secret to Erica’s technique lies in the preparation — she makes sure the hair is “set” before starting the braids. We love how the final look turned out on Jenna’s gorgeous healthy hair. Read on to discover Erica’s process for creating this polished and pretty braided look:

photographed by jessica attie



  1. Start with hair already “set” (that means curled and smoothed out). Section your hair as if you are going to put your hair into a half up pony tail. I usually go from ear to ear and use my occipital bone as a guide (this is where your head starts to round off).
  2. Next, clip the section away using two large duck bill clips.
  3. Take a small section of hair from directly behind the ear and just underneath the clipped section. Divide it into three strands. 
  4. Take that three strand section and begin braiding it. Braid the strand to the end and secure with a clear elastic band.
  5. Take another small section from opposite side of your head and repeat step 3.
  6. Grab one of the braids and cross it over to the opposite side and secure it in place using a bobby pin.
  7. Repeat that with the opposite braid.
  8. Pin that section using a bobby pin. Try to tuck the bobby pin into the braid so that the pin is hidden.
  9. Once you’re finished pinning both braids into place, remove the clips and balance the look by pulling and smoothing out the hair. 

Erica’s Pro Tip:

Once you have the look in place, I recommend spraying your hair with a soft-hold aerosol hairspray. Another version of this style would be to wear it with texture and more volume: All you need to do is prep the hair before step two by curling and teasing the crown. The more textured style would work well as part of a casual look.

The front of the look is simple and creates pretty volume around the face.

“Is that my real hair?” Jenna wanted to know after we showed her this image. When the plaits are so finely braided, they look like something out of a fantasy movie!