Darling Magazine

By Jenn Rose Smith
Office Style: The Girls of Darling Magazine

When we first began the Office Style series at Camille Styles, a visit to Darling headquarters was on our short list of dream destinations. And we’re not alone — if you google “Darling Magazine” the most often searched phrases end with “jobs” and “internships”. It seems like everyone is dying to get in the door of this stylish publication known for it’s refreshing and thoughtful content. We’ll freely admit: we first picked up a copy of Darling for it’s gorgeous cover printed on amazing matte paper. But we really fell in love with the LA-based publication when we opened it to discover page after page of honest inspiration. These were stories for us. Women who believe that style can co-exist with standards. Standards like modesty, integrity, and self-respect. Women who aren’t afraid to question the photoshopped messages of the mainstream media. It’s no surprise that the three women we interviewed at Darling Magazine very much reflect what they like to call “the Darling movement” — an ethos that encourages individuality, truth, and thoughtful style. Join us as we spend the afternoon with Darling staff members Sarah, Kara, and Ziza to discover the stylish and feminine office space behind our favorite magazine.


Pictured left to right: Kara Dykert, Ziza Bauer, and Sarah Dubbeldam

Wow. This is a beautiful place to come to work each day! How would you describe the overall vibe of the Darling office?

Ziza: Casual and creative, with a slightly Euro-inspired edge.

Kara: I would say our vibe is casual chic. We all have our own sense of style, and I feel like our personalities come out in the way we dress.


Sarah: We have a “casual” yet “professional” dress code in our office, so we try and wear outfits that reflect our personality. We have art and inspiration photos everywhere and give everyone the freedom to put up anything that inspires them!

Ziza, tell us a bit about your role at the magazine. What do you love about working for Darling?

Ziza: I’m the Online Managing Editor. I love that Darling is a company engaging with culture while also seeking to change it for the better. We’re not just building a brand for the sake of a name, but for the sake of individuals across the globe. That personal perspective really helps motivate me to do the best work, and not just finish my work.

Who or what inspires your style?

Ziza: Both of my parents are artists, so I grew up with a deep appreciation for color, balance and composition — also for thinking outside the lines. In a weird way, I think that’s where I get most of my style inspiration from; it’s from a desire to put together something that I simply like looking at.

Ziza Bauer, Online Managing Editor



We love your turquoise ring! Or is it turquoise… where did you find it?

Ziza: My best friend and I took a trip to Puerto Rico several years ago and we each bought a ring with larimar, a gemstone only found in the Caribbean. I love that every time I wear this ring I think of that trip, it’s a portable memory, and that nobody else has one exactly like it.

What brands would we be most likely to find hanging in your closet?

Ziza: Simple classics from places that I’ve shopped at forever (like JCrew, Zara, Free People), because I know the sizes and the quality can be trusted. I’m slowly trying to move away from the bigger names to shop less and shop well, from sustainable companies like Everlane or other vintage shops, too.

What’s on your shopping wish list for this season?

Ziza: Because it’s always summer in southern California, I’m ever on the hunt for a great swimsuit and easy, effortless sundresses. I’d also love to embrace the cool athletic shoe trend, because if I can get away with wearing comfy shoes and not look like a tourist… awesome!

Kara, tell us about what you do at Darling. What do you love about your job?

Kara: I’m the Director of Market Strategy, I curate all events for Darling.

I love the people I work with, and the community around Darling. Its a place of encouragement, and the readers of Darling are genuine, kind, and contemplative. I love the discussion it creates and the inspiration that people find in Darling.

How would you describe your overall signature style?

Kara: My signature style is casual chic. I really like elegance, but I also like comfort. So my goal is always to figure out a way to combine the two!

Who or what inspires your style?

Kara: I really like Blake Lively. I think she’s the cutest.
And obviously Alexa Chung.

Kara Dykert, Director of Market Strategy


Where did you score the gold pendant? That’s an amazing piece.

Kara: At a recent workshop that I curated at Darling, we made custom gold jewelry with Tribe of Dreamers. It was so inspirational to create a custom jewelry look that was feminine, classy, and fit my style.

What brands are currently taking up the most space in your closet?

Kara: I love Chloe K, Vince, and ASTR. They are all unique, have feminine touches, but are never too frou frou or girly.

What’s on your shopping wish list for spring?

Kara: I’ve been wanting some Vera Meat jewelry — she’s so good. On my wish list is Malene Birger —  she does the most beautiful flowy blouses and tops.

Sarah, we already know that you’re the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Darling. Tell us a little about your approach to dressing for work:

Sarah: I like to be prepared daily to meet anyone and everyone that might walk in our door–you never know who might stop by! So I try and make sure my clothes are steamed and I am put together but not trying too hard. I don’t wear heels (hardly ever) and try to balance “casual” with “professional” because I never want to be overdressed. For example, if I wear silk pants, I balance the luxury of the fabric with a rougher looking T-shirt and vice versa!

How would you describe your personal style?

Sarah: When I shop, I keep in mind “Stockholm + Paris,” as my style, since these are my favorite places to style watch! I love dressing feminine–skirts and T-shirts–and then switching it up and being a little more “modern meets tomboy”–with boyfriend jeans, Converse and graphic tees. Overall, I like to be chic yet artistic and I always wear a lot of black and white.

Sarah Dubbeldam, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder


Who or what inspires your style?

Sarah: I really enjoy The Sartorialist because it shows people who have really authentic style but don’t necessarily always follow trends. I also look at a lot of European magazines and talk to all the stylists on our photo shoots about fashion to gain some tips!

We’re dying over your blouse. That’s an amazing color on you!

Sarah: Thank you — I found this Helmut Lang top at Wasteland on Melrose Ave. and was ecstatic about the price and condition it was in. I don’t ever buy designer new, but I search for good brands and fabrics at resale stores in LA.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop in LA?

I shop a lot at Crossroads and Wasteland. It’s like shopping in 100 different stores at the same time because as you flip through the racks, each piece is a different brand. They also only buy for “on trend,” which isn’t really necessarily important to me, but it does help with the natural transition of the seasons. I sell my clothes there and have a lot of money in “trade” which is so great!



And finally, what do you love most about your job?

Sarah: My favorite thing about Darling is the women I work with. They are passionate, deeply care about women and truly want to be positive catalysts for change; they inspire me by their depth and wisdom, which makes our workdays a lot of fun! It is also a fun challenge to work in such a creative environment where we are trying to change the status quo of culture and the way women feel about themselves.

We’re totally inspired. And can’t wait for the next issue! Thank you, ladies, for giving us a peek inside your stylish world.

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