Top Dermatologists Swear By These Skin-Loving Makeup Products

Drugstore gems and high-performing staples you can trust.

By Caitlin Clark
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When it comes to my skin, I treat a derm’s word as gospel truth. Whether they swear by prescription retinol or recommend a mineral sunscreen, I will almost always follow. And yet, as much stock as I put into dermatologist recommended makeup, I’ve rarely ever thought to ask about beauty beyond my nightly routine. But as the lines continue to blur between skincare and makeup (the all-natural “skinimalism” look is in), it makes sense to ask what comes after your moisturizer.

Fortunately for us, Who What Wear did the good work of rounding up the makeup brands and products that top dermatologists not only recommend, but regularly use on their own precious skin. The extensive list is a treasure trove of drugstore gems, cult-loved staples, and splurge-worthy luxuries, but despite the broad price range, a few themes do begin to emerge as you make your way down the list of recommendations.

Below, we’re breaking down the derm-approved makeup trends we saw to help you on your way. Because it’s always nice to have a little support when you step into Sephora.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

Foundation Fortification

Products armed with SPF was the most prominent trend in this particular makeup roundup, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Apart from the sands of time, the sun is perhaps our skin cells’ greatest foe, a fact most dermatologists work hard to instill in their patients. And while makeup shouldn’t be your sole source of SPF, a little extra protection pairs beautifully with your daily sunscreen of choice.  

Product recs included a luxurious La Mer foundation and cult-loved Laura Mercier tint, but our own Camille Styles wellness editor, Kelly Krause, can vouch for one of the more outrageous SPF products.

Cle? de Peau Beaute? Concealer SPF 25

“Now, hear me out. I know this product has a hefty price tag, but I’ve never found another concealer that has such great buildable coverage and truly covers under-eye dark spots, conceals blemishes, and softens any redness. Another pick from a well-known makeup artist, but I swear this product will last you well over six months (use sparingly) and is worth the investment.” — Kelly Krause

Cle? de Peau Beaute? Concealer SPF 25, $73

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Image by Michelle Nash

Skin-Nourishing Ingredients

Why shouldn’t makeup be an extension of our skincare? We work so hard to craft a daily routine that leaves our skin strong and glowy—the last thing you want to do is unravel your progress with a dense foundation or chemical-filled formulas.

Clearly (and unsurprisingly), dermatologists felt the same way. Several of their makeup recommendations include callouts about beneficial ingredients, from a skin-loving CC cream to a vitamin E-packed concealer. Board-certified dermatologist Sara Hogan also recommended a clean, nourishing mascara. It’s been tried, tested, and equally loved by our own Brandy Joy Smith.

ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara

“ILIA’s award-winning clean mascara is lightweight and nourishing, made with a blend of organic bee and carnauba waxes to weightlessly condition each lash, while still keeping them lifted throughout the day. If you have naturally full lashes I think this is the perfect go-to.” — Brandy Joy Smith

ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara, $28

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Image by Jessica Attie

Best Brows Forward

Of the 23 product recommendations, three of them were eyebrow-focused. Whether it was a pomade or a volumizing gel, each derm equated their pick with accentuating natural beauty. One even mentioned the confidence her beloved eyebrow pencil gives her. Paired with a subtle glow, well-defined, groomed brows are the key to a fresh-faced look.

What makeup products are you loving lately? Drop your list in the comments!