There are a few things that set the expert traveller apart from the amateur, and they can be spotted from a mile away. An organized carry-on that lets you glide through security is one. Strolling through the airport hands-free is another. And wearing the right kinds of layers is key.

We’re talking outerwear that’s comfortable, lightweight should the cabin be too warm, and of course, stylish over slobbish.

Looking for the perfect cozy companion to take on your next journey? Put down the snuggie, and look no further than the styles below. Thanks to the return of the hoodie, looking chic on a flight has never been so comfy.

featured image from Free People

Wide Sleeve French Terry Hoodie from Vince

Women’s Original Cropped Hoodie from Adidas

Hawking Hoodie from FP Movement

Malibu Sweatshirt from Isabel Sweatshirt

Cashmere Double Layer Hoodie from Vince

Mesh Colorblock Hoodie from Twenty Montreal

Women’s Zip-Up Hoodie from Target

Tie Dye Hoodie from Daydreamer X Revolve

French Terry Hoodie from Splendid

Cotton Hoodie from Mango

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