This is a look we see over and over again on runways. The slick back ponytail is a simple style that works really well on anyone but especially if you want an instant facelift that accentuates your bone structure. If you’ve always wanted to know how, then keep reading because we’ve got your step-by-step tutorial right here featured on blogger Michelle Zuzek of Style Beacon.

Stylist, Erica Rae arrived prepared with flat-iron ready (her secret tool for making the ponytail so perfect) and transformed Zuzek’s wavy locks into a seriously sexy slicked-back ponytail look. Read on for Erica’s tips on how you can achieve this slick back ponytail style yourself at home.



  1. Start by flat ironing your hair from roots to ends. This is what makes this look. You won’t get the same effect if you have fly aways along your hairline or if the ends aren’t straight and sharp.
  2. Apply a light gel to the hairline and “slicked back” part of the pony.
  3. Use a smoothing brush to tame down any extra fly aways and smooth into a high ponytail. I like to start in the back and work my way to the front. 
  4. Continue smoothing out any bumps and feel free to add more gel if you need to.
  5. Once you have your hair secured in your hand, go back over the pony using the fine tooth side of a comb. You can really get close to the scalp and give it that extra smooth look during this step.
  6. Use a pony tail elastic tie to secure the pony in place. Make sure it’s nice and tight. 
  7. Run through the hair one last time to make sure you didn’t miss any fly aways.
  8. Take a small section of the pony tail and wrap it around the base of the pony tail to hide the elastic tie.
  9. Once you’ve finished wrapping the hair around the base, secure it with a bobby pin that is the same color as your hair. 

Erica’s Pro Tip: 

I would also recommend finishing this look with a shine spray or hair spray to give it that extra sleek look, especially if you have naturally curly or coarse hair. If you are having a hard time getting the pony tail smooth, you may want to use a bungee pony tail holder instead—the hooks on the end of the pony tail holder make it a lot easier to secure the pony without creating more bumps in the hair. Also, feel free to add any accessories around the base of the pony tail for that extra glam look. And if you were really wanting to make a statement, you can dress this look up with some fun make-up. If you are planning on wearing this for a black tie event, a smokey eye would give it a bit more of a dramatic look or you could keep it soft and sweet with a more natural palette.

photographed by jessica attie

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