How to Rock a Faux Hawk

By Jenn Rose Smith

"Faux Hawk" hair style... totally want to try this.

When we first met our friend Nathalie Holmes, we couldn’t get over her incredible “faux hawk” hairstyle. The up-and-coming Austin actress (and blogger behind Pretty Funny Girl) has major confidence, and that translates into rock star hair. We couldn’t wait to find to find out exactly how she does it, so we were pretty excited when she stopped by our office to give us a quick tutorial. “The ‘faux hawk’ is perfect because it gives you an edgy look without the long term commitment,” she explains. “People always ask me how I do it and expect some complicated explanation. But it’s actually very simple.” We were in awe of how fast Nathalie was able to create this look. Read on to discover her technique for creating a no-commitment mohawk:

"Faux Hawk" hair style... totally want to try this."Faux Hawk" hair style... totally want to try this.

Scunci Side Combs
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Bobby Pins
"Faux Hawk" hair style... totally want to try this.NATHALIE’S DIRECTIONS:

  1. Start with dry hair that is dirty or clean. Add just a little bit of moisture to the hair and distribute it with fingers.
  2. Section off a portion of the front of your hair almost as if you were making bangs. Add a finger dab of double butter cream and work it through with your fingers or a brush. Then twist this
    section into a unicorn horn.
  3. Grab 6 – 8 side combs clips. Pull back your hair directly behind the unicorn horn, Use one hand to hold the hair taut and the other to place the clip. Make sure that you’ve gone far enough back that the clip isn’t visible.
  4. Place your next clip in line with the previous one and repeat the process until the first side is done. Be sure to keep checking the mirror as you place in each clip to make sure that you’re not missing strands and that all the hair is securely in place.
  5. Repeat the process on the other side. This will take a little longer than before because it’s important to match this side up with what you’ve already done. Take your time. If it looks lopsided remove the clip, take a deep breath, and try again.
  6. After the hair is clipped, remove your unicorn horn and fluff. Add a couple of finger dabs of double butter to the faux hawk. Stretch and shape with your fingers.
  7. You’re all set! Feel free to use a couple bobby pins for extra security.

"Faux Hawk" hair style... totally want to try this.

Nathalie’s Extra Tip: This look can be turned from a “faux hawk” into a faux high top by clipping up the back of the hair as well. Clipping it a little higher than the rest with give you an edgy updo. Ready for cocktails in seconds!"Faux Hawk" hair style... totally want to try this.

photographed by jessica attie