How to Rock Bright Nails This Fall

Talk with your hands.

By Hannah Zahner

Bright and bold can totally be a mood for fall. This month’s editorial theme is all about stepping outside your comfort zone, so even for those of us who love a nude mani, colorful nails are actually more wearable than you might think! On top of that, they add the perfect touch of play to an outfit – especially if you tend to stick to neutrals in your wardrobe.

Statement-making nails are the perfect low commitment way to have fun with your style this fall.

Scroll on to check out our favorite colorful nail inspo, tips for pulling it off, and a roundup of the best colors to buy for an at-home mani. These shades look gorgeous on everyone no matter how you choose to wear them!

featured image: belenhostalet

image: paintboxnails

If you always go for nudes – kick it up just a notch.

Try a pink with a little bit of a playful punch, like one of the pinks below! 


image: nclabeauty

Keep it short & squared.

If you’re a bright nails noob, skip out on the acrylic tips and pointed shapes (or go for it, kudos to you!). Bright nails tend to deliver the fun-but-not-overpowering look you’re going for when nail shape is kept simple.

image: troudelapin

Go deep.

Colorful doesn’t have to mean loud. A deeper or muted toned nail is gorgeous and perfect for cultivating all the fall feels.

image: drybylondon

Be subtle about it.

Just because you’re playing around with color doesn’t mean you have to paint the whole nail. Try out a line or dot over your nude mani to test out if color is for you.

image: oliveandjune

Go all in.

If you’re ready to commit, we’ve rounded up the most fun AND flattering extra-colorful polishes below. Hello rainbow nails!

When you’re ready to take your polish off, follow this guide for stain free nails!