How to Tie a Turban

By Jenn Rose Smith

So cute for summer!

When we first had the idea for this tutorial, we didn’t realize that there are probably at least 20 different ways to tie a turban. Then we went down a youtube rabbit hole and discovered that techniques can vary every bit as much as the length, thickness, and texture of the fabric used. We tasked our favorite stylist Erica Rae with creating a fun tutorial using a thin cotton headscarf, and had our cute globetrotting friend Sarah Contrucci Smith of Ara Collective model for the look. “I’ve actually loved this look for such a long time, way before it became a trend,” says Erica. “I was first inspired by a client who was battling breast cancer, and instead of wearing wigs she rocked these amazing Chanel scarves and always had them wrapped in different ways. It was such a chic look. I’ve definitely been seeing turbans popping up in a lot of editorials lately, so I can’t wait to share how to achieve this style. It’s perfect for a casual poolside moment and also a great way to protect your color from fading during the hot summer days!” Read on to discover Erica’s fun turban technique:

So great for summer!So great for summer!


  1. Start with a thin, large scarf (I prefer a longer rectangular shape as opposed to square).
  2. Fold the scarf in half width-wise and wrap it around your head.
  3. Crisscross the scarf at the base of your head and pull each end forward.
  4. Make sure to position the front of the scarf a bit lower than your hairline.
  5. Take both ends of the scarf and tie a knot a the top of your forehead.
  6. Pull the knot tightly and try to place it just off the center of your forehead.
  7. Grab both ends of the scarf and start twisting the pieces together. Keep your twist tight and neat.
  8. Keep on twisting until you’ve reached the end.
  9. Once you’ve reached the end, you want to wrap the twisted piece all the way around your head. Try to keep it tight so it’s nice and secure.
  10. Once you reach the opposite side, take the tail end of the twisted piece and tuck it under the edge of the scarf. You can leave a piece hanging out or completely tuck it in. I decided to leave this look hanging out for that more bohemian vibe.

So great for summer!

Erica’s Pro Tip: Once you’ve tucked the end of the scarf in place the turban should be pretty tight and secure. If you wanted to you, could pin the scarf in place using bobby pins. It really depends on the material of the scarf. Silk scarves can be harder to keep in place, while cotton scarves tend to stay put. Play around with different materials and see which works best for you! I love pairing this look with a simple outfit and letting the turban take all the attention. It’s also a really great solution when you want to cover roots or dirty hair!

So great for summer!

photographed by jessica attie

*featured image of leandra medine for tibi