3 Ways to Wear a Black Ribbon

By Jenn Rose Smith
simple but chic.

simple and classic.

Here at Team CS, we’re firm believers in the power of good ribbon — it can turn a regular box into a gift, a stack of letters into decor, and an ordinary hairstyle into something special. We definitely love the idea of wearing a black ribbon (so French, oui?) but wanted to get some fresh ideas from Erica Rae in terms of styling. Turns out there are endless options outside of the typical bow-around-the-ponytial look, and our fave stylist whipped up these three fresh ribbon looks for us in no time. We had Austin yoga guru Ferny Barceló model for us, and her blonde hair was the perfect contrast the black grosgrain ribbon we used. (If you have dark hair, you might try these looks with a blush or red ribbon instead!)



I love that a ribbon can add so much sophistication to a simple bun,” says Erica Rae. She styled Ferny’s hair in a clean updo and made sure to tie the bow underneath (not on top) of the bun for a more grown-up look. “When I’m having a ‘hair up’ day and need to find a way to dress up the look, I find myself reaching for ribbon. Whether it’s formal or casual, this classic style pretty much goes with anything.”

simple and classic.



This headband ribbon look can be worn in many different styles, but I personally love it best with a side Dutch braid,” says Erica. “I would suggest starting off with a dutch braid that is pulled to the side and secured into a pony tail. Spray the ribbon with some hairspray to help keep it from sliding off your head, then carefully weave the ribbon through the braid and tie it into a bow at the end. I would suggest pinning the sides with a bobby pin or two to also help keep the ribbon in place.”
Black ribbon threaded through braid -- so pretty


All fashion makes it’s way back, and the return of the choker has made me nothing short of giddy,” gushes Erica. We’re absolutely over-the-moon for this DIY version she made with a black ribbon. It looks so right with a messy updo, and is a genius way to add a bit of elegance to a little black dress or flowy white top. Tres chic.


simple but chic.

photographed by jessica attie