It’s Not Too Late to Jump on the Statement Hair Clip Trend

They’re back – in a big way.

By Hannah Zahner

By now you’ve probably seen the hair clip trend somewhere, whether it was on the heads of spring’s NYFW attendees, adorning the locks of your favorite instagrammer, or worn by your Glossier-loving niece. I’m usually not one to jump into short-lived trends – I tend to prefer the idea of a more timeless and unique look than trends usually allow for. Plus, I’m always working towards buying less and being more intentional about my purchases, especially when it comes to my wardrobe. But after eyeing the clips I saw everywhere for the past few months, I finally decided I was ready to take the plunge and take this trend for a spin. After all, it’s a pretty low commitment experiment, with super affordable options out there. And it’s looking like it’ll stick around for a bit.

If you’re asking yourself “Uh, can I pull this off?” rest assured, there’s a way to wear barrettes without looking like you’re in middle school.

And if you didn’t happen to hold on to all your old butterfly clips (probably for the best), there are tons of options online, from delicate beaded pins to fur-covered options. Check out the below tips to keep the look modern rather than infantile and shop our favorite picks below!

image: urban outfitters

hair clip, hairstyle, wavy hair, bobimage: freepeople

Use a clip that’s fitting for your hair texture.

If you’re dealing with curly hair, you can go a little bolder! Make sure your accessory is big enough to not get lost in the texture and volume. Working with straight hair? Try multiples of the same small or medium sized clip, stacking them close togther so they come off as a set. If you’re having trouble with clips slipping, spray the pack of the pin with hairspray for some extra hold.

hair clips, trend, hairstyle

image: lily like

Keep the styling simple.

When you’re playing with accessories, try to keep styling simple. After all, the fun of accessories is that they do the work for you! Try undone waves with one side pulled back into the clip or a low bun with a strategically placed clip (or two).

hair clips, trend, hairstyleimage: lelet ny

When using more than one accessory, stick to a theme or palette.

If you are going to go for multiple clips, use clips with similar detailing (i.e. all pearls) or ones in the same color palette. Try stacking small to medium sized clips on one side together or place matching clips on opposites sides of your head (think middle part + clip mid-way back on your head for a semi half-up look).

hair clips, trend, hairstyleimage: free people

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